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The Honeybush Peach Oil comes in a bottle not unlike a nonaerosol spray. You can pump the liquid directly onto your body or into your hands. The spray left our skin feeling extra-soft, and the oil absorbed quickly without leaving a greasy residue. Plus, a little goes a long way. Ten or 12 pumps will cover your entire body.” *results may vary 

» Erin White, Editor, Fort Worth Star Telegram

Ashley and I have seen a noticeable difference in the skin tone of our clients while using Shea Terra's Argan Face and Body Oil during a relaxing facial massage.” *results may vary

» Diane H, NC

Shea Nilotica is so soft and smooth, and without that heavy nutty scent - it's just the best. Tell me where you can find better shea butter at this price?” *results may vary

» Andrea Kane, Editor,'s The Organic Beauty Expert

Shea Nilotica is my favorite product from Shea Terra Organics. This is the most luxurious, deeply moisturizing shea butter I have ever used. Not at all like any shea butter I have used before, this actually melts into your skin providing unsurpassed healing affect to your delicate skin. It is so good, that I use it on my daughter after I take her out of the bath. It keeps all the moisture locked in so skin stays smooth, even in this dry winter weather. I highly recommend this one.” *results may vary

» Sarah Jean Ballard,Editor,

Can't say enough good things about Shea Terra Organic's African Lemongrass Indigenous Black soap Elixir. Well, it is a mouthful - who needs to say more? Honestly, it is a unique and divine experience. …this soap made by the Yoruba Tribe of West Africa is exotic and amazing.” *results may vary

» Megan McWilliams,

I'm a huge fan of Shea Terra Organics Organic Shea Lip Butter. It's incredibly soft and butter. I had to laugh a bit when I saw the message on the seal. Something like "Now let the journey begin." But if any lip balm could be called a journey, it's probably this one. It's not sticky at's not waxy. It's very moisturizing and feels great. The Menthe Orange kind smells really wonderful. The description talks about it tasting great. I'm not a huge lip-licker, but it does taste good (which might have something to do with the rooibos and the stevia in it).” *results may vary

» Christina Foung, Green Home Huddler

My diabetes caused severe eczema on my hands and arms, to the point where my skin was badly scarring. After many dermatologist appointments with prescription steroid creams and acid peels, I had given up. I had stopped the steroid creams because they were thinning my skin. My friend gave me some of your products and at first I was pretty skeptical. But only a few days after trying the Shea Gold my skin stopped itching. After a week, the dryness and scales went away and my scarring started to heal. This stuff has changed my life and I'm so grateful! I'm also never without Lavender of the Khoisan Silk & Shea Body Wash, which is very gentle and doesn't irritate my skin, as most body washes do. Thank you so much” *results may vary

» Patti N, Stamford, CT

I just wanted to write you and thank you for making such wonderful, chemical free, natural products. I have suffered with eczema and rosacea for over five years and I have spent a small fortune trying to find products that will not irritate my skin. I loved the fact that your products are all natural yet affordable. I have been using your products for over a year now and I no longer get eczema patches on my skin, and my rosacea is a thing of the past! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am. I was always hiding my hands and face in public and thanks to your products, I can leave my home with confidence. I actually glow” *results may vary

» Beth T, Caldonia, MI

I hope you always make the Black Soap Elixir. This stuff is magic. It's stopped the skin on my back skin from breaking out (when nothing else would), and it exfoliates and leaves skin soft - my wife calls it a "triple threat." The lemongrass smells clean and fresh too. Everyone in my family is onboard using it.” *results may vary

» Mike D, San Francisco, CA

After trying many 'natural' lines, I was pretty disappointed in the actual performance of the products as they didn't actually treating my specific skin care concerns. But your Black Soap Elixir and Shea Body Butters renewed my faith that natural products can be effective. The dry, flakey skin on my arms and legs is gone. I especially love the Bourbon Vanilla Shea Body Butter! The scent lingers on my skin all day.” *results may vary

» Lori B, New York, NY

I underwent chemo for a number of months and it damaged the skin on my arms and back, as well as caused psoriasis. I tried a number of products and everything I used made it worse. The Shea Gold stopped any dryness and irritation and the light scent actually helped with my nausea. You have a customer for life.” *results may vary

» Peter M, Lindenhurst, NY

Your Marula Face and Body Oil is a wonderful anti-aging treatment, and a great alternative to the usual pricey drug/department stuff full of chemicals. The marula has gotten rid of some of the lines around my eyes and gives my skin such a beautiful glow. I've seen this oil priced outrageously from other companies, so I appreciate that you don't price it high.” *results may vary

» J. Burns, Madison, WI

Long live Pink Guava Pomegranate Body Nectar Oil Spray! I've been using this as a massage oil to treat cellulite on the backs of my thighs, and the whole area looks so much better, with smoother and less dimply skin. I'm a fan of pomegranate oil, and this body spray is so luxurious. It makes my skin soft and nicely scented.” *results may vary

» Suzanne W, New York, NY

One of your customer service reps recommended your Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Treatment Oil combined with Shea Nilotica for preventing stretch marks during my pregnancy, and voila - I had very, very few stretch marks with this second pregnancy. Thank you for these products” *results may vary

» Laura J, Minneapolis, MN

I work with children and must wash my hands many times throughout the day. Your Shea Nilotica has been heaven-sent for my dry, cracked hands. Nothing else was working, and most lotions just made my hands worse. The Nilotica has stopped the cracking and dryness. I also use it on my daughter after her bath. She has very sensitive skin, and it's nipped her minor eczema right in the bud.” *results may vary

» Susan P, Ames, IA

The Miombo Mango products give me such a much needed incentive to jump in the shower and get going in the morning. The scent is so fresh and citrusy. It's important to me that the products are all-natural and safe for every member of my family, including my two little ones. Using these products has become part of our AM routine.” *results may vary

» Ann Marie O, Hamden, CT

Shea Terra's pure shea butters are fantastic! I started using them when I was pregnant with my first baby. I used it on my belly to avoid getting stretch marks, used it on my baby while giving him infant massages, and now being a mom of two toddlers, Shea Terra's shea butter has helped alleviate and heal my dry and cracked hands after many diaper changes, hand washings and cold Minnesota winters. I use it on my eyes to help reduce wrinkles, my husband uses it on his face and I use it on our two toddlers' hair instead of using typical styling products that contain toxic chemicals. Their shea butter is truly an amazing (and family) product that has many applications in our home. My boys now let me know when they want some: 'need shea butter, mommy” *results may vary

» Christina K, Minneapolis, MN

I have used Shea Terra products for a few years now. Lately, I have used Baobab Oil and Marula Oil every night. My skin looks markedly better and healthier. I noticed the change myself but others have too. I've been told how young and yes, beautiful, I look. I've tried other skin products that cost a lot more and have not seen or felt the same effects. I recommend Shea Terra products not only for the results, the great customer service (the product descriptions are very helpful) and the cost, but because by buying their products, I am supporting African women as they work to be economically independent. That is very important to me. The Moroccan Rose Water is wonderful too” *results may vary

» Amy K, Las Vegas, NM

I have used your East African Shea butter for the past 3 years and love it! My husband and I moved to Chandler, AZ 4 years ago. The dry weather really wreaked havoc with my skin. I would put on a heavy lotion and have dry skin less than an hour after. I saw your sight when I looked up places to buy shea butter. I knew about and had used West African shea butter, but it is less malleable and user friendly. As an African American cancer survivor, chemotherapy and its attendant drugs started the dry process. East African Shea Buttter helped end it. My husband remained a skeptic, loving his Alpha Keri, until this past year. He now uses it and loves it! Thank you for keeping your prices affordable and offering new products. My skin and I are so happy now” *results may vary 

» Jay Diane J, Chandler, AZ

The Marrakesh Mint Black Soap Elixir is a staple for me. It's like 10 products rolled into one; it clears up my skin, sloughs off dry skin and leaves it moisturized. It's perfect for guys who are too busy or lazy to use a lot of products each day.” *results may vary

» Jeff C, New York, NY

I started using Shea Butter from Shea Terra Organics when I was pregnant with my three year old daughter. I liked the results so well that started using it on my entire body. This producthas healed my life long dry skin. I have since expanded my use of the product line and recommended it to other friends and family.

My best recommendation by far was to my father. His extreme cancer treatment caused his finger tips to crack severely. I gave him a jar of my East African shea butter to try on his hands. All products he had used up to this point did nothing to heal his fingers. I am happy to report the shea butter healed his hands within a couple days. It was great to bring some small measure of comfort to him in his last weeks of life. Thank you and, keep up the good work” *results may vary

» Anonymous, London, UK

I have purchased several shea butter products from your store in the past seven months and have never been disappointed in either the quality of the product or the price. The Pink Guava Pomegranate Silk & Shea Butter Lotion is a wonderful way to quickly restore moisture to skin, and I use this product when I'm pressed for time after the shower. Cape Chamomile Lavender Organic Shea Butter and Frankincense & Myrrh Organic Shea Butter are both excellent choices for spending a little more time massaging these butters into skin to not only moisturize skin and give your feet a treat, but to help reduce any signs of cellulite. My grown daughter commented to me one evening after I had used one of your shea butter products, 'Your legs look perfect!' And at 51 years of age, I took that as a great compliment. The real credit goes to the quality of your products.

I hope more people have discovered the quality of Shea Terra Organics and will support the humanitarian and ecological advantages of the methods for harvesting, processing and selling these products. They are the best kept secret in the U.S.! Hopefully for Shea Terra Organics, the benefits of using pure organic shea butter over the high-priced designer cosmetics won't remain a secret any longer.” *results may vary

» Lisa G, Bonita Springs, FL

Shea Terra products have done amazing wonders for my skin! I struggled with eczema on my face and neck for several years. To treat it, I was limited to moderate tanning and prescription steroid creams, (which thin the skin w/ prolonged use.) These would keep it calmed down; but it was never completely gone. Then I entered perimenopause, and added to that the intense breakouts from hormonal fluctuations. My face was a mess and I had body acne all the time. I changed my skincare and cosmetics regimen several times over the course of two years; to no avail. I had just about given up the hope of ever having clear, healthy skin again when a friend of mine told me about Shea Terra Organics.

WOW!! I started on the Rose Hip & Red Bush Tea system for the face and I noticed a drastic difference in just three days! ALL of my eczema went away in a matter of days and it has not come back. My body acne began clearing up after I began using their body lotions, and it improved even more when I began using the Mint Marrakesh Black Soap Elixir. Recently I discovered the magic of Moroccan Mud. This stuff is my salvation when hormonal breakouts threaten. Two treatments during that "certain" week and my skin stays clear. My skin looks drastically improved after one Moroccan Mud treatment and feels incredibly soft!

I discovered that Lavender of the Khoisan Silk & Shea Body Lotion is great for getting rid of my headaches! When I feel a headache coming on, I begin massaging a little Lavender Lotion into my forehead, temples, neck; wherever I feel tension. Then I sit and deeply inhale the fragrance of the lotion from my hands; several times over the course of 10-15 minutes. Usually within 30 minutes, the headache is gone!

I love Shea Terra Organics. My skin has never looked or felt better, and I love knowing I can purchase these products with a clear conscience. I appreciate that all their products have the best organic and humane ingredients, which are Fair Trade, and my purchases support empowerment initiatives for African women.” *results may vary

» Anonymous, USA

I started using the Certified Organic Shea Butter on my face after a friend told me she used it on hers, as she has beautiful, glowing skin (she is in her 50's). I was a little skeptical as my facial skin is sensitive, usually breaking out if I use any type of moisturizers. I have used Shea Terra shea butter for a long time on my body and it moisturizes so well and isn't sticky, so I decided I would try it on my face. That decision was over a year ago, and now I used it on my face daily, I smooth it on my lines and I really feel it has plumped up the smile lines around my mouth and the tiny lines around my eyes! In fact, it is the only moisturizer I will use on my face. Thanks Shea Terra, for all your wonderful products and for offering them at great prices” *results may vary

» Heather A Los Alamos, CA