100% Pure Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Certified Organic)

100% Pure Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil  (Cold Pressed, Certified Organic)
100% Pure Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Certified Organic)
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100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is the first to launch in America. Never adulterated. Softens dry skin and reduces wrinkles. Anti-aging.
100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil is the first to launch in America. Never adulterated. Softens dry skin and reduces wrinkles. Anti-aging.

100% Super Natural. #1 Most trusted Argan Oil & the first Argan Oil launched in America. Shea Terra's Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil is the highest quality available in Morocco. Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil is sought out for its ability to smooth wrinkles and produce glowing, healthy looking skin. Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil is world famous for its hair conditioning and strengthening powers. Shea Terra is the first company to launch Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil in the United States. Our founder spent years traveling village to village to find the best quality argan oil available. Most argan oil in Morocco is diluted with cheap oils. Our Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil was chosen from a small town deep within the Atlas. Far from the salty conditions of the ocean side, argan oil from this remote village was found to have higher levels of vitamin E than any other region. Shea Terra has established a strong relationship with this producer, visiting several times a year to ensure quality. Our Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil is not pressed until we order it. Since we sell thousands of bottles of Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil we have to fly argan oil in every few months. Our Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil is brimming with vitamin E and plant squalene which helps skin repair the ravages of time. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 2 oz.

  •  100% Pure & Unadulterated Guaranteed
  •  Cold Pressed without Machinery
  •  Rich in Natural Plant Squalane
  •  Richer in Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin A than Others (due to the location our fruits grow

BEWARE: A large amount of argan oil is diluted with oils such as sunflower. Some "argan" oils have been found to not contain any argan oil at all. Argan oil is often diluted by the producers in Morocco or by middle men somewhere between the sales of the oil and the bottling process. Our 100% guaranteed, pure oil can be purchased to test the texture, feel and smell of other brands. Argan oil is an expensive product due to the hours of labor needed to produce it. If you pay a little for your argan oil, you are probably not purchasing pure argan oil. Argan oil is expensive straight from the producers in Morocco. Many brands on Amazon have been found to sell diluted or fake argan oil not to mention other cosmetic and essential oils. 

Discover younger, more radiant skin with Shea Terra's Argan Beauty Oil. Shea Terra Organics is respected as the authority on argan oil, having launched the oil in America in 2003. Our founder has searched high and low during visit after visit to Morocco to locate only the best argan oil in Morocco. More costly, yes, but the proof is in the oil. The highest quality argan oil provides our satisfied customers with the best results. The majority of argan oil is produced from nuts gathered along the ocean shore of Morocco. Practically all argan oil comes from this area as it is a well established trade route for argan oil. Being close to the ocean, however, this region has a high salt content and thus produces inferior fruits. The trees that bare Shea Terra's Wild Beauty Argan Oil are collected from the well protected Atlas Mountains. Here the fruits grow large and healthy. Scientific studies have shown that argan oil produced from the fruits of this area is much higher in vitamin E than the oil produced along the coast. 

The purchase of Shea Terra's Argan Beauty Oil helps to preserve the endangered Argan Forest. The forest is under protection of the Moroccan government thanks to the support of UNESCO. The fruits reproduce each year and are collected from the soil after they ripen and fallen from the trees. The nuts are then cracked and hand pressed by the women. European and Japanese companies have now moved in with machines which have replaced the women's role and control of the argan oil market. We purchase only argan oil hand produced by the women in traditional method to ensure that the women maintain control over their argan oil. 

Use Argan Beauty Oil daily on face and body for incredibly soft, younger looking skin. Apply 100% pure Argan Beauty Oil to face before moisturizer to improve the efficacy of your daily moisturizer. Apply Argan Beauty Oil to the roots and strands of hair to condition dry hair and to aid in the repair of damage.

We do not refine or deodorize our argan oil at all. It is freshly cold pressed and air freighted to us every few months. 100% pure argan oil has a natural aroma that can smell soured or nutty depending on time of the year it is pressed. This aroma is normal and preferred. Argan oil that has NO smell is often times NOT argan oil at all. If it is, it has been highly heated, refined and deodorized. This denatures the oil and decreases its vitamin content. Argan oil that smells like toast is actually roasted for eating (delicious) and not for cosmetic use. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!


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