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Soft at Silk Gloves

Rose Hips Black Soap is an amazing facial wash. This is the second time I have ordered it and know that I will be using it nightly. I try to keep it on my face for the recommended 5-10 minutes and when I wash it off my skin has Never Felt so soft and nourished. I highly recommend it for daily use

A little sticky but delightful smell

Add a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil and that takes care of the sticky feeling and it spreads nice…. Smells great!
I’d buy it again.

I love this oil. It’s truly pure and luxurious. Not heavy and sinks into the skin.

Better than expected

There are so many options available when it comes to shea butter. I’ve tried a few good ones in the past, but this one is so far my absolute favorite. It’s rich and smooth, easy to apply, and the smell (at least for me) is neutral. Will definitely buy it again.

True rose water. Great smell and the spray is a gentle mist. Glass bottle is a plus.

The best. Super high quality, the texture is incredibly smooth and it melts on contact. Wouldn’t purchase from anywhere but STO.

little goes a long way!

I very much like the smell of this! It is incredibly emmolient without being heavy...soaks right in my skin! I have just begun to use it so I will have to update how well it works in the future!

This stuff actually healed my father in laws bed sores when RX would not!!!

This stuff is amazing. The smell reminds me of the hunting cabin and thst makes me smile. However, the medicinal benefits of this are amazing! From my father in laws bed sores, to a nose piercing that was irritated, to scrapes and cuts. I will also put on forhead wrinkle and the deeper one inbetween my eyebrows and underneath my eyes....just be careful, it WILL burn if you get it in your eyes!
The best NATURAL healer I have ever tried! Mama's get a bottle and keep it in your medicine cabinet!!!


Been using this oil for years on my face and I LOVE it. I believe it has helped minimize some of the sun damage I have from being so fair skinned!

Excellent product!

Excellent product!

I love this soap so much!!! It has tightened up my pores perfectly!!!

Great soap

You guys keep putting out quality because I will be a loyal customer and spreading the word. GREAT JOB!!!


I'm extremely pleased with the professionalism, product packaging, and I absolutely love the chemistry of the products. I wish that I found this company a long time ago because their products work. Please don't change or go anywhere.

I suffer from rosacea and I use this calendula oil every night. It helps with the redness of my skin .

It’s so good for dry skin like mine! I love it.

The best soap ever

Once I discovered this soap I can never go back to the traditional soaps I find in the big stores. This soap is the best with oder control and actually feeling fresh not just smelling fresh.

Great product

I have taking Black Seed Oil for over a year and the results are fantastic. The weight loss is a bonus. It's not why I use the productbut it seems to help with appetite.

Amazing Product

I loved using this for my face .. now I use it for my hair ! It’s a very moisturizing product for my nighttime routine! Thank you!

Kigelia Gold Silk & Bakuchiol Face Serum

Very nice serum, when notice it can apply eye area, I also tried on my psoriasis area, it soothe and calm the problem skin area even better than the black seed oil, will buy them again, and will try other kigelia product as well

Luxurious oil for soft skin…

I can’t get enough of this oil! After ordering and using 1/4 of the first bottle, I purchased three more bottles. This oil absorbs quickly, is lightly scented and moisturizes my skin so well. I love it!!

Smooth Lips

This lip balm doesn't leave my lips feeling dry and my lips don't peel when the balm wears away. And the flavor is pleasant, no after taste.

Love the company , what they stand for ,& all the products I’ve tried!!

Five Stars

Why didn't I know about this amazing product and this company sooner? This product works! I will be a black seed oil customer for life. Sheaterra's customer service is top notch. The way they ship everything so carefully is so much appreciated. Their products are the real deal, and that can be difficult to find in this day and age. I hope they are wildly successful because they deserve it! I have never seen any company go above and beyond like they do. Five stars for Sheaterra and their purely amazing products! Well done!

Soft as butter

I love this shea butter. Nothing else makes my skin softer and it lasts so long. I use it on face, body, and in my homemade deodorant as well.

Calendula Oil

- I started using this product about maybe 5 years ago because I had really bad hormonal acne that would scar whilst I was getting the acne under control I was still having scarring. This oil has significant reduced the healing time in regards to my acne and provides great moisture. I mix it with my cream based moisturizer and I get great results. This is a 10/10 for my eczema and definitely reduces the healing process on acne and scars in general. The fact this brand has been consistent for 5 years is what keeps them getting my money lol I love a brand that caters to the sensitive skin baddies!