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Every black person on the planet should put this on their scalp

Title says it all.

The only soap I use

I discovered this soap about 5 years ago, mostly when seeking a way to take better care of my oily face. It's been decades since I was a teenager, and I still am prone to acne. I had tried a bunch of soaps for problem skin and experiment with other treatments, and I'd still get 2-3 pimples per week.

Once I tried this black African soap, I could feel that it was making a difference. It cleansed the oil away and stopped the acne in its tracks. Using this soap for my daily shower let me go months at a time before I get a pimple. It's kind of amazing.

Soon after starting to use this soap, I decided I didn't need any other soap at all. So this is the only thing I have in my shower. My skin feels good all over, and I love the clean feeling I have when I'm done. I'm seriously hooked.

A minor gripe: for a while, this was sold with the lemongrass scent. I just loved that, and wish it would come back. The unscented stuff is fine, but I miss the lemongrass.

Great Carrot Seed Oil

Great, natural and effective carrot seed oil for moisturizing and enhancing skin complexion tone evening and brightening. Highly recommend. Thank you Shea Terra. 5 stars.

Can't praise this soap enough

This soap cleared my blemish-prone skin and helped reduce redness and dryness. Leaving it on as a mask for 5 minutes was just a little too harsh for me, except on the more oily areas of my face. It's really refreshing and leaves my skin glowing. This, then the rose hydrosol, and finally a light coating of argan oil has done more for me than high end prescription acne products.

Good products!

I have been using this face serum for several months. I use it at night and find it to be moisturizing and good for my skin. When I wake up each morning, my face feels smooth and soft. I pay close attention in using it around my eyes, but be careful not to get any into your eyes because it can sting. I am almost 74 and have a minimal amount of wrinkles. The re around my eyes is pretty much wrinkle-free. I think this is in part to Shea Terra products and good genes. I have been very satisfied with every product I have ever purchased.

The quality is outstanding

I was extremely surprised and impressed at the quality of this brand. Very soft, pure product with a pleasant smell. It blends into the skin well and feels amazing. Very nice.

Consistently Great

I repeatedly choose this argan oil because it is consistently great --it feels good on my skin and I trust the purity of the product.


Makes your skin so nice and soft with a touch of glow. Some scars diminishing. All in all, the product lives up to what it says!

Obsessed with all the products I’ve received

I am literally obsessed with all of the products I received and will continue to purchase. The buying and shipping process is also so easy. I’ve ordered twice and received my items super fast both times. Product quality is superior to any other similar product I’ve tried. My favorite thing so far is the Namibian marula nilotika. Literally nothing like it. Thank you!!!

Item back ordered but charged

I did not receive this item. Invoice says back ordered with no date of shipment.

100% Pure Egyptian Pomegranate Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Nile Grown)

I use the pomegranate oil after my bath. This oil is absorbed very rapidly and it has a fantastic natural fragrance. The company has high standards, so I feel safe when using any of their products. Thank you Sheaterra.

100% Pure Moroccan Argan Extra Virgin Oil (Certified Organic) 4 oz. size

Excellent oil for my mature skin. It is a valuable benefit to my skin. It provides moisture and nourishment. My skin feels very soft to the touch after using. A little goes a long way. Thank you Sheaterra Organics for all your excellent products.

Perfect for removing dead skin

I'm recovering from an allergic reaction on my skin. It's making the recovery process faster by shedding the old skin & restoring it as well.

Definite Must Have

I got this one as a free gift with one of my orders. I tried it and now I can't do without it. Feels amazing and my skin looks fresh and healthy. Thanks for another great product.

Simply outstanting!

I'm in love with Advanced Hydrating Face Cream! I use it before bed, and my skin looks well hydrated and smooth thу very next morning. It also smells heavenly! Highly recommend this product. Will definitely repurchase.

Just like the black seed oil I purchased in Egypt

I was very impressed with the quality of this product. I first learned of the many health benefits of black seed oil while visiting Egypt. When I ran out of the supply I had brought home with me, I began to search for something comparable in the US. This is it.

Love it

This Shea butter is super light and fluffy, and goes on so smoothly, unlike other Shea butters I have used. Absorbs really quickly into my skin so it's not greasy for long. I use it every day. Love it.


What a decadent smelling product that really works. I was a bit apprehensive to try it but am so glad I did. It helps with my Keratosis pilaris. It smells yummy.

Game changer

This is the first time I've tried this product and did so because it was on sale. What a miracle worker it has been for me! My skin is dry and this cream absorbs quickly without any residue and comforts any itching and dryness. This is my new favorite Shea Terra product.


I cantm't believe how amazing this serum is.My skin is veryyy sensitive and I have a hard time putting products on it.
This serum is wonderful,light and makes my skin look amazing!Very happy customer :)

Softest skin

I love the way skin feels even thought I have used the products for a few days. I wish it had come other face cream and it would be wonderful if it could have SPF.

Black seed

I actually purchased this as a mother's day gift for a friend over 12 days ago however its on backorder. I have read many studies on the benefits of black seed oil which is extremely good for the metabolic functions and immune system. It's on back order possibility because ITS THAT GOOD. I've never tried a product from this line that wasn't superb so I'm not even mad that I have to wait. Plus I received many gifts and samples with each order and HUGE discounts. Thanks for being so generous and sharing these amazing products with us.

Beautiful hair

I was initially worried that this product would leave residue but it lathers up well and rinses out clean. My hair feels moisturized without feeling heavy. It doesn't strip your hair like chemical brands. Love it.

Gorgeous skin

I absolutely love this oil my skin feels the best it's ever been.