Black Seed Oil has been praised for centuries for its ability to boost the immune system. Ancient Egyptians used black seed oil as a remedy for styes, eczema, burns, rashes and in order to maintain the skin’s moisture and elasticity. It was also consumed daily as a restorative tonic against diseases and to increase oxygen exchange amongst people with asthma. The effects of black seed oil are known to treat coughs, increase joint mobility, stimulate the scalp to enhance hair growth, increase lactation, and even skin tone.

Now more than ever, people are incorporating Black Seed Oil into their daily health regimen for its multifaceted benefits. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted showing the benefits of (Nigella Sativa) black seed oil. For over a decade, Shea Terra Organics has been a pioneer in sourcing this high-grade oil straight from the Nile. Research has found Egyptian Black Seed Oil to be superior in beneficial compounds when compared to oils from black seeds grown elsewhere. Our high-quality, cold-pressed oil is pure and unrefined maintaining its natural aroma, and is certified organic.

Cold-Pressed Black Seed Oil Benefits

Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 8 oz. (Very Strong, Naturally Grown in Bale Valley, Cold-Pressed)

This Black Seed Oil is naturally grown in Ethiopia, research suggests it can help treat conditions including, breathing problems, lack of energy and immune dysfunction. It has been known to be effective to treat nasal congestion, conjunctivitis, headaches, and asthma. Drink a teaspoon of this very strong, cold-pressed black seed oil every day and reap the benefits. You can mix it in with honey for a less potent taste or apply it to your skin to enhance hair growth and improve skin conditions.

*The effects of Nigella Sativa may vary according to each person. We always recommend you seek medical advice before taking any medication, especially if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Black Seed Oil For Skin

Egyptian Black Seed Oil 8 (Certified Organic, Cold-Pressed)

Scientific evidence shows Egyptians used Black Seed Oil because it proved to be the most effective in treating immune disorders, lethargy, chronic dry skin, acne, psoriasis, and eczema, and due to its high concentration of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. It is valued for both its medicinal and cosmetic benefits, you can drink a teaspoon a day to boost your immune system or apply it topically for beautiful healthy skin.

Natural Black Seed Oil For Hair

Black seed oil is treasured for its ability to stimulate the scalp to increase hair growth and further improve the quality, moisture, and strength of hair. Use this pure and unrefined oil on thinning areas on your scalp to enhance the growth of strong, thick hair. If you have a dry and flaky scalp you can heat a teaspoon of Shea Terra’s Egyptian Black Seed Oil with a carrier oil to soothe the scalp and reduce inflammation.

Black Seed Oil For Healthy Immune System at SheaTerra

At SheaTerra, we put a lot of effort to get you the finest ingredients. Each of our ingredients is responsibly and ethically sourced, we work closely with indigenous communities and women’s cooperatives to help us identify and source the superhero ingredients that make up our brand. Our oil is always fresh and cold-pressed to guarantee you will receive the highest-grade oil.
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