Did you know you can use pure argan oil for hair cleansing and conditioning? That’s right! There’s no reason to keep stripping your hair of valuable nutrients with those drugstore shampoos when you can care for your hair naturally! At Shea Terra Organics, our focus is on creating hair and skincare products using only natural and organic ingredients so, whether you choose a mongongo oil hair leave-in conditioner or a henna hair treatment, you can trust that each of our products will be kind to your hair.

No Chemicals, No Artificial Fillers

First and foremost, let’s clear up a misconception: the bubbly foam that many cleansing products create is not helpful or necessary to the cleansing process. So often, shampoos and soaps get that great foamy lather because of the chemicals used. This has the unfortunate effect of stripping away your hair’s naturally protective oil, which can damage hair more than it helps. At Shea Terra Organics, we make our products with ingredients like natural shea butter, mongongo oil, and pure argan oil for hair care options that actually provide nourishment your hair craves.


Hair Benefits

Everyone has different hair needs, and Shea Terra Organics team has hair products for a wide range of different hair and scalp conditions. If you want to improve overall health, calm your scalp, and boost shine, try our 100 percent natural Egyptian Black Castor Oil. Deep condition with a serum made of pure argan oil for hair or cleanse with a Moroccan Mud-Poo. We even have natural shea butter and mongongo oil sprays made for use on both hair and skin. Experience the difference natural ingredients can make when you no longer have chemical additives stripping away your hair’s defenses. Cleanse, condition, and give your hair the nutrients it craves with hair care products from Shea Terra Organics!