Is acne a daily struggle, despite leaving your teen years behind a while ago? You aren’t alone! Many men and women of all ages experience acne, as well as a number of other skin concerns. Unfortunately, not all of these can be easily hidden with makeup and many of the drugstore and makeup counter facial care products only serve to exacerbate the problem, not heal it. This is definitely not the case with Shea Terra Organics products! 

The Natural Difference

At Shea Terra Organics, our focus is on making exceptional skin and haircare products, and our face care options are no exception. We use only natural and organic products so you can experience the benefits that come from mineral and vitamin-rich ingredients like natural shea butter and pure African essential oils. Many of our shea butter face products even come in unscented options that are gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. 

Well-Rounded Face Care

To make the selection process easier on you, we have divided our facial care products into separate easy-to-follow steps. Start by getting rid of impurities with a beauty masque, then cleanse your skin gently without harsh chemicals. We have a range of marula oil and shea butter face wash options so you can find the right cleanser for your skin type. Afterward, tone and hydrate your skin without drying alcohol thanks to our natural beauty water options. If your skin needs a boost of nutrients to improve shine, reduce fine lines, or heal scars, try one of our argan oil or marula facial oil options. Then, finally, give your skin the nutrient-rich, lasting moisture it craves with our shea butter face cream and moisturizer options. 
Experience the difference that comes from using the best natural ingredients. Shop Shea Terra’s full array of natural facial care options online today!