100% Pure Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Certified Organic)

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100% Super Natural. 100% Pure Golden Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil. Grown in the Nile Valley and Certified Organic. Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil is actually a liquid wax. Desert gold, Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil provides skin and hair with a protective cocoon. Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil soothes and calms skin. Apply Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil daily to protect skin from moisture loss. Use it on ends of hair to minimize breakage. Combine Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil with other premium Shea Terra oils to customize an oil for your skin type and environment. Egyptian Jojoba Extra Virgin Oil will not clog pores and is not known to cause acne. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 4 oz.

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Jojoba trees are indigenous to desert regions of south western United States. These small, drought loving bushes produce an oil filled fruit. The nut contains approximately 50% "oil", a flowing, liquid wax. The liquid wax is highly resistant to oxidation which makes it preferable for skin care use. Jojoba liquid wax is almost identical to human sebum, a substance which creates a protective layer on the skin. It contains significant amounts of tocopherols, vitamin E. Egyptian Jojoba Oil can be applied directly to the face without clogging pores. It can be combined with other premium Shea Terra skin care oils such as carrot seed, rose hips and pomegranate. Apply Egyptian Jojoba Oil to the ends of hair to prevent breakage and to the roots of hair to encourage hair growth. 

Our Egyptian Jojoba Oil is 100% pure and very rich. Some brands are known to dilute this more costly oil with less expensive oils like sunflower. This practice is also commonly used for argan oil. A noticeable difference can be detected in the Egyptian Jojoba. Our golden oil is completely unrefined lending a light, nutty aroma. After applying it, skin feels as soft as a brand new baby. 

Outside of the Nile Valley, Egypt is largely dry, barren sand in the middle of the Sahara Desert. Basking in the scorching sun, non-arable land makes up a great percentage of Egypt, one of the poorest countries in the world. Jojoba bushes are right at home in the unwelcoming biome. Jojoba production has brought a much needed source of income into extremely poor communities. 

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed, Certified Organic Egyptian Jojoba Oil
Massage into freshly washed skin. Use on lips, and cuticles to soften. Use on chaffed skin. Safe for babies chaffed cheeks. Use on stretch marks. Massage into the ends of hair to prevent splitting and breakage. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Love the Jojoba oil! The quality is top-notch! It works wonderful for taking make up off and eye make off!! I always enjoy using SHEATERRA'S products.

Jo Ann L
Jojoba oil- Very happy with my purchase

I received my jojoba oil a few weeks ago and love it. After going to the beach and showering I mix a few pumps with my regular light skin cream and apply to damp skin. It is so refreshing and soothing. This stuff can’t be beat. I will definitely get more. Shipping went great. It only took a few days. I had to contact customer service about a change of address and they emailed me right back and fixed the problem!

Love it

Use it to clean face with hot cloth and it’s the best! My face has never been so clean and moisturized! Melts makeup and dirt right off, even white heads on my nose….no more soap for me!

Five Stars all day all year

Had jojoba oil before this is the first I've had with the high quality. So glad I found this company

April G.
This jojoba oil is very

This jojoba oil is very moisturizing on my skin. It go's on nicely and absorbs very well. Works to carry other oils that cannot by themselves into my skin nicely too. Cold pressed is essential for me. thank you very much for this wonderful product♡♡♡

Yechen V.
Quality product as always

Quality product as always

April G.

This oil is fantastic! Its soft on the skin. Smell is very nice. Its a great carrier oil. I highly recommend. I've used this oil for a long time and this brand is the best I've ever used. My skin loves it. thank you so much♡♡♡

Selene C.
So light, like second skin...

You can really tell the difference between this oil and the others from different companies! Shea Terras oils are so light and have a strong natural scent. But this Jojoba oil was particularly light, I used it on my hair! And on my face, it feels like second skin! Absolutely beautiful!

Annette G.
I Love their products! This

I Love their products! This is great Jojoba oil & I love that it's organic & comes in a glass bottle since I'm trying to only purchase items in glass instead of plastic. I use this to mix with other oils & essential oils to put on my face, body & hair..it's an all purpose moisturizer & carrier oil. Highly recommended!

Carmen P.
Lovely oil

It leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. Great product! Very good quality! The pump is difficult to control, though and it pumps out too much oil at a time! A dropper would be helpful!