Kigelia HA- Advanced Hydration Face Cream AGE DEFENSE

Kigelia HA- Advanced Hydration Face Cream AGE DEFENSE
Kigelia HA- Advanced Hydration Face Cream AGE DEFENSE
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Kigelia HA-Advanced Hydration Face Cream contains hyaluronic acid and moisture enhancing herbs, anti-aging vitamins, and wrinkle fighting essential fatty acids.
Kigelia HA-Advanced Hydration Face Cream contains hyaluronic acid and moisture enhancing herbs, anti-aging vitamins, and wrinkle fighting essential fatty acids.
Super Natural Formula. Ultimate hydrating and toning face cream. 2% VEGAN hyaluronic acid in a base of cold pressed argan, raspberry and rose hips oil infuses skin with moisture for hours. Resurrection plant and kigelia Africana tones and plumps skin. Results are softer, younger skin in minutes. Made with pure spring water. Tube is made from 86% sugar cane. Scroll down to discover how amazing this cream is. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 2.5 oz.
If you are looking for a natural, non-toxic face cream that actually works your search is over. This natural formula is packed full with the best hydrating and age defense ingredients. The star of this cream is the VEGAN hyaluronic acid which draws in and holds moisture onto the skin. Most HA is actually made from animal parts and is often adulterated. Tammie searched long and hard to find a pure HA that is from a vegan source. Hyaluronic acid holds 1000 times its weight in water. Organic argan and rose hips oil and raspberry seed oil lubricate and protect the skin forming a nourishing barrier. Kigelia Africana tones and soothes skin for noticeably firmer, plumper skin. Discover all the amazing ingredients that have been loaded into this amazing face cream.

Vegan Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic acid is praised for its ability to hold a considerable amount of moisture onto the skin, thus plumping the cells. Hyaluronic acid comes in the form of a powder. It consumes a whole lot of water. The max amount of HA that can be properly utilized in a cream is 2%. Anything past that can dry out the skin. Serums claiming to be 99% HA are actually only 1% hyaluronic acid in water. Most hyaluronic acid is actually made from the combs of roosters. I know, right? Would you really want that on your face? Tammie's search for a legitimate, honest source of HA took months. First she had to make sure it was vegan. Secondly, she needed to make sure it was pure. Testing several sources for HA she came to the conclusion that what a lot of companies are selling are adulterated HA. When she mixed water with the source we used to produce this cream the results were shocking. The HA from our source required far more water to produce our cream than the other brands, meaning it absorbed so much water that more and more water was needed to reach our needed consistency. 

Kigelia Africana: Also known as sausage fruit, this African fruit is high in plant sterols producing a plump, smooth, well hydrated complexion. The women in southern Africa use kigelia Africana to firm their breasts. A lot research has been done on kigelia Africana to show that it has many skin care benefits, but due to FDA regulations we are not allowed to list those here. 

Resurrection Plant: Tammie discovered the resurrection plant on her trip in Zimbabwe. This amazing plant “dies” during drought, and then comes “back to life” with a little water. Resurrection plant inhibits oxidation and naturally contains arbutin. 

Soy-free Vitamin E: Not only are some people allergic to soy, but soy has also been linked to hormone imbalance. Tammie avoids soy in her diet and thought it is a good idea to do so in one's skin care as well so found vitamin E sourced solely from sunflower. Many forms of vitamin E used in skin care is actually synthetic. Sunflower derived vitamin E is costly but well worth knowing it is safer for customers. This cream utilizes 1% natural vitamin E for its soothing and regenerative properties. 

Senna Leaf: Senna leaf has skin softening and moisturizing properties. 

Green Apple Extract: Green apples are rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. Green apple extract helps to smooth and hydrate skin. 

Organic Argan Gold Oil: Argan oil is a highly emollient oil which seeps into skin making feel smooth and soft on contact. It compliments and improves skin tone. Finding a reliable source of high quality argan oil is a big challenge in Morocco. Tammie was the first known person to launch argan oil in America in 2003. She has made numerous trips to Morocco and even produced argan oil herself year after year. Tammie's challenge was to find a pure source of the oil which is still cold pressed by the women. She found an area deep within the Atlas which produces fruits superior to those found in common argan oil made in Agadir and the western shore. Lab results from argan oil in the interior of the Atlas show a higher percentage of vitamin E in our Argan Gold. 

Organic Rose Hips Oil: We use only the highest quality wild harvested, cold pressed, certified organic rose hips oil from the rubiginosa variety of roses for Shea Terra products. This superior oil is high in pro-vitamin A known for its regenerating properties. 

Raspberry Seed Oil:This cold pressed oil is a power house for skin care ingredients. Raspberry seed oil has the most ALA found in skin care oils to date. The emollient, fragrant oil is also high in anti-oxidants, phytosterols, and vitamin E. 

Organic Shea Nilotik' Butter: Unlike West African shea butter, Uganda's nilotik' variety is very emollient and easily absorbed. Nilotik' shea butter soothes skin, boosts hydration and improves elasticity of skin. 

Mountain spring water: If it is not spring water then it is not natural. A product made with tap water (even purified or distilled) can not be natural. Tap water is simply sewage water which has been made safe to consume by the use of chemicals like chlorine. Almost every product on the market containing water is made from tap water. Aqueous solutions of such and such are just tricky ways of saying we took water and added a little bit of herb and got an aqueous extract. This is actually breaking FDA rules as the herb is actually a tiny fraction of the water and water is supposed to be listed as the first ingredient, but somehow these companies get away with it. The very first Shea Terra formulas used spring water as they still do today to ensure there are no hazardous chemicals in our "natural skincare." 

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