100% Pure Rubiginosa Rose Hips Extra Virgin Oil (Cold Pressed, Wild Harvested, 100% Organic)

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100% Super Natural. Nothing Added. Nothing Is Taken Away. From The Brand You Trust. This Is 100% Pure, Cold-pressed High-Quality Rubiginosa Rose Hips Oil. Our 100% Pure Rose Hips Oil Is Produced From The Wild Rose Found Naturally Growing In The Pristine Mountain Kingdom Of Lesotho. Our Lesotho Rose Hips Oil Is The Highest Quality Rose Hips Oil That Can Be Purchased. Pure Rose Hips Oil Has Been Used For Centuries For Its Ability To Transform Aging And Problematic Skin. Our Unrefined Rose Hips Oil Is High In Lycopene And Trans-retinoic Acid. It Is Also High In Essential Fatty Acids, Omegas, And Anti-oxidants. Our Rare And Organic Rose Hips Oil Provides Plenty Of The Nutrients Skin Needs To Help Repair Itself, Calm Rosacea, Treat Acne, And Slow The Effects Of Aging. Scroll Down To Read More.
Size: 2 oz.

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If you want the best results, settle on only the best Rose Hips Oil. Many rose hip oils are refined for their valuable nutrients or mixed with inferior oils. For years,  Shea Terra Organics has been providing only the highest quality, 100% pure, and certified organic Rose Hips Oil from the rubiginosa variety of wild roses. Rosa mosqueta rose hips oil is actually a combination of rosa canina and rose rubiginosa, but our 100% pure Rose Hips Oil is pressed only from the rubiginosa variety of roses grown wild in the pristine mountains of Lesotho. Our Lesotho Rose Hips Oil is of exceptional quality. It is never refined nor subjected to high heat or chemicals.
100% Pure Lesotho Rose Hips Oil can be used twice daily to offer many of the nutrients your skin needs to help damage, treat acne, and help the skin to regenerate. Our 100% Pure Lesotho Rose Hips Oil helps skin reverse photo-aging, improves skin moisture and decreases fine wrinkles.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure certified organic Lesotho Rose Hips Oil
Apply oil directly to freshly cleansed face. Massage in well. Can be used under a moisturizing cream. Use up to two times daily.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 59 reviews
Kathi Eisenzimmer

I have purchased the rosehip oil many times from Shea Terra. I have never been disappointed in the quality of the oi or how well it works on my sensitive skin. The shipping is always fast too!


This oil is nice and light It also works well in your hair!!

Natalie Reign
This shiiiz is AMAZiiiiiNG!!

Wow. Just wow! Already my skin is so clear and radiant! This soaks in like a dream! It doesn't leave my face greasy or shiny, helps with fine lines and is a perfect primer for my powder foundation!! A new holy grail!! Love this company!!!! 🥰😆🙌🏼

danielle winter

Thank you Shea Terra for this beautiful rose hip oil - i love that it is wild harvested and cold pressed and organic - it means a lot to me to use products that are not harmful to the earth and healthy and healing for me. My acupuncturist recommended this oil and i am on my 4th bottle and couldn't live without it! Its silky light texture and wonderful fragrance are something i look forward to each morning and after a shower at night - I use the organic moroccan rose damask hydrosol before applying the oil.

Betty Phillips
Love it!!

Love this oil!

Love this Oil!

I've been using rose hips oil for over 10 years and hands down this is the best brand I've tried! The quality is amazing. It leaves my skin soft with a beautiful glow. I love it!

Ash Colburn
Love, Love, Love

I recently visited my sister in CO. My skin hurt because it was so dry. My sister gave me this oil to try, and I loved it. It left my skin feeling completely restored. I suffer from adult hormonal acne (yay), and this oil only gave me one new pimple, which is huge. Luckily she had an extra bottle, so I took it with me and have used it ever since. I loved the oil so much that I spent hours on the site to find other amazing products. Everything I have tried has worked wonders on my skin. My skin isn’t perfect, but I feel I am on the right track. I love this product – it’s a game-changer.

Aisha Saeed
Our go to

My husband and I have been using this for years. Love it so much.

Melanie C.
This oil is my favorite Shea Terra product !!!! Love the soap too.

I absolutely LOVE this oil. It is not greasy and penetrates easily. It has greatly improved my fine lines and I am 100% convinced that it makes my eyelashes and eyebrows grow too.

When my dermatologist asked what I was using as a moisturizer and I told her rose hip oil, she nodded and said that's perfect.

Ahhmazing facial oil!

I can’t say enough about this oil, I’ve been using this for years, probably 5+ years. My skin loves it. I love to use this around my eye area, I press it into my skin all around my face and neck, and chest area. It doesn’t break me out, helps with my dermatitis and it’s so soothing to my skin. I don’t understand why more people don’t talk about this brand.