Shea Nilotik Butter Body Oils

Shea Nilotik Butter Body Oils will hydrate your skin like no other moisturizer. Shea Nilotik is 100% pure Shea Butter in oil form, for a spreadable smoothness your skin will enjoy. This cold-pressed oil can lock in moisture and give your natural skin a youthful glow. Keeping your natural skin’s moisture level is necessary in order to give the skin elasticity, smoothness, and avoid stretch marks.

Shea Nilotik’ Body Oil (Namibian Marula)

Hydrate and condition your skin with Shea Terra’s Shea Nilotik Body oil. Namibian Marula is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of stretch marks when used consistently. This body oil can also be used on the hair to immediately give it luster and shine and a high dose of hydration.

Shea Nilotik’ Body Oil (Marrakesh Menthe Vanilla)

The natural peppermint and vanilla fragrance in this body oil can give you all the benefits of aromatherapy. Shae Nilotik Body Oil can help you even your skin tone and texture as well as smooth out stretch marks. You can use this body oil in the bath, for a sensual body massage or to condition and rehydrate your hair.

Shea Nilotica Butter Benefits for Skin

  • Hydrates and Moisturizes skin
  • May prevent stretch marks with consistent use
  • Gives the skin elasticity
  • Softens skin
  • Gives your skin a youthful glow
  • Prevents itchy dry skin when used routinely

Organic Shea Nilotik’ Oil Uses

Our Shea Nilotik Body Oil has multiple uses. You can use our oils daily preferably right after the shower to keep your skin hydrated and maintain a soft velvety texture. You can also draw yourself a nice warm bath and add a teaspoon or two of our Shea Nilotik Body oil. You can soak in this moisturizing bath for 15-20 minutes and then quickly rinse your body in the shower. We recommend patting the skin dry that way you don’t strip off the oils or irritate your skin. Our Organic Shea Nilotik Oils will leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Our oils can also be used as a hydrating hair treatment. If you have a dry hair and scalp we recommend massaging the oil onto your scalp, covering it with a warm towel, and leaving it on for thirty minutes. You can then rinse with water or shampoo the oil out depending on your hair type. If you have oily hair we recommend using our Organic Shea Nilotik Oils only on your hair ends to avoid split ends.

Glow Up with Shea Nilotik Butter Body Oils From Shea Terra!

At Shea Terra, we pride ourselves on only using natural and organic ingredients in our line of products. We never use chemicals, dyes, or synthetic fragrances. We often use natural essential oils in our products which gives our plant-based beauty products a pleasant aroma.

Since all of our products are plant-based, they are mostly safe for all skin types but everybody is different and each skin is unique! If your skin is hypersensitive we recommend first trying a dollop on a piece of your skin and monitoring the reaction to see if it’s safe enough for you to use.

We love to hear from our customers! If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us and our team of experts will assist you.

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