100% Pure Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 8 oz. (Very Strong, Naturally Grown in Bale Valley, Cold Pressed)

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FRESH STOCK NOW IN! WARNING: Beware of companies promoting high TQ (thymoquinone) levels. Claims of .95% or 5XTQ are fraudulent. We sent a bottle of it to a reputable lab (only one we found had the equipment to test TQ) and found it has .45%. Discover the ancient remedy for issues like dry skin, lack of energy, immune disorders, allergies and breathing problems just to name a few. Black seed oil has been used for thousands of years to boost the immune system, treat chronic dry skin, eczema and more. Ethiopian black seed oil is very potent, dark and intense. Our oil is always fresh, cold pressed and flown in from Ethiopia to ensure you get the highest quality oil. This is 100% pure Nigella sativa oil, sometimes erroneously called black cumin. Scroll down to discover more.
Size: 8 oz.

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Ancient Ethiopians coveted the black seed as a cure for nearly everything. The Negus himself was fed upon black seed oil to keep the beloved ruler full of vitality. Warm oil was put on the eyes to get rid of styes. Oil was applied to keep the skin moist, increase elasticity and to treat eczema, burns and rashes. The oil was consumed as a daily tonic to boost the immune system, to increase oxygen exchange amongst asthma sufferers, decrease coughing, increase joint mobility, stimulate the scalp to improve hair growth, increase lactation, and to improve skin tone.
Today, black seed oil has seen a resurgence in use. Once again people are seeking out black seed for its amazing tonic benefits. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted showing the benefits of black seed oil.  Our high quality, cold pressed oil is naturally grown in the Bale Valley of Ethiopia. The richness of the soil and the proximity to the equator is believed to produce an oil superior to those grown in other regions of the world. This Ethiopian black seed oil was pressed specifically for us and lightly filtered to maintain its holistic properties. 
This oil is pure and unrefined. It does maintain its natural aroma.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure, naturally grown Ethiopian black seed oil (Nigela sativa)

Traditional usage of Ethiopian Black Seed Oil: Black seed oil has been revered in Ethiopia for thousands of years. Common usage of black seed oil is a teaspoonful a day, often mixed with a spoonful of raw honey. Ancient Ethiopians would use the oil to boost their immune system. The oil was also applied to the scalp to encourage healthy growth and applied to a variety of skin conditions. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 352 reviews
Debbie Andersen
Black seed oil

I've never heard of the oil but it was recommended by my Naturopath. Do I take a tablespoon everyday with lemon. My next step is to implement it in my skin care and hair care. Since I searched for this product and reviewed other computer I decided on Shea Terra's quality control. so far so good. I'll be purchasing additional products and I appreciate the samples they sent.

Roderick Billingsley
Oh yeah!

This the real deal! I appreciate SheaTera keeping it 💯 Thank you

Regena Pelham
Taste terrible … need ways to take it?

I am using this to help detox mycotoxins especially since I have been exposed to toxic mold. It burns my mouth & throat to try to try to take via a teaspoon. Are there other alternative ways to ingest this??

Regina Silverman

I really enjoy shea terra products. I ve always ordered years ago before. I will continue and recommend shea terra to family and friends.

Kristi Brdar
Good product

I bought 16oz Ethiopian Black Seed oil. I wish they would do glass bottle in the larger sizes. I am taking it every morning with manuka Honey for a week now and it did shorten my cold and congestion, improved my digestion and skin.
It is very good quality and I am recommending it to all my family and friends. This oil is very strong comparing to Egyptian Black Seed Oil.

Erica Schumacher
Good product

I have only used this twice so far but looking forward to the benefits. They should send me the review request a couple months into me taking it. I will give 5 stars because of their high quality oil, fast shipment, and glass bottle in the small 8 oz. I wish they would do glass bottle in the larger sizes.

baz sabri

Still haven’t received it

Reginald Stokes


C Martin givens
Black seed oil

Awesome, great priced product! Not overly charged for shipping which I love- take product every morning jus ordered another

Daniel R.
Highly Recommended

Shea Terra has become my favorite brand and go-to place for the highest quality Black Seed Oil. I love the mild, almost nutty flavor of their Egyptian Black Seed Oil, and was pleasantly surprised by the bolder Ethiopian Black Seed Oil. It is not bitter or rancid as other brands of black seed, and has more noticeable beneficial effects on my skin, digestion, and overall health. I cannot recommend it enough!