Shea Butter Super Fat Soft-Skin Soap FRAGRANCE FREE

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Is your Shea Butter soap brimming with Shea? Probably not, but ours is. And how do we know? Because we make it ourselves. Yes, we care about our customers that much. Yes, we could have a big company make it for us for less than a dollar a bar. But you are too valuable to us. Shea Terra customers deserve only the best. And that begins with 33% organic West & East African shea butters, loads of organic extra virgin olive oil, and organic extra virgin coconut butter. What you get is an emollient bar that helps soothe and comfort your skin while you wash without leaving a yucky film. And because people are important, our soap is made by hand by a human the old fashioned way, not a machine. Unscented for sensitive skin. Scroll down to find out why buying handmade soap is important. 

Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.

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Get super fresh skin without the dry, itchiness that accompanies most soap bars. Commercially manufactured soap bars, even those that claim to be all natural, are often made with irritating chemicals and allergy irritating synthetic fragrance. In order to make a cheap bar that bubbles well they are often made with a high coconut content. Coconut is a drying oil. The combination of large amounts of coconut oil, fragrance and poor quality oils creates soap that is harsh on skin. Our soap is made using only all natural scents and the highest quality of virgin olive oil, virgin coconut butter and 33% shea butter. This emollient combination makes a soap which is gentle on the skin and helps leave the skin feeling soft, not stripped.

Commercially made soap, whether natural or not, is usually made from premade soap pellets coming from countries like India. Big companies tell the manufacturer what they want to add as far as color and fragrance. A die is made and the pellets are pressed into perfect shaped bars and stamped with logos. Some of these soaps are pretty nice. However, the natural glycerin in the soap is usually extracted to sell because glycerin can be resold for a good amount of money. Taking the natural glycerin out of soap produces a harsh soap that dries out the skin. And despite these soaps being called shea butter soap, very little natural shea butter is actually in the soap. We insist that in order to produce a superior soap for our customers we must handmake it in our factory the old fashioned way. The result is a superior soap that cleans while nurturing the body's mantle.

Rather than replacing human labor with machines we employ and train people to make our moisture rich soap bars. Hiring people over machines has always been a priority for Shea Terra Organics. As machines and computers take over our daily lives more and more people are finding themselves without work. This system will eventually backlash as fewer and fewer people will have the money to purchase the goods the machines are making. Purchasing handmade soap is an important way to support soap makers who in turn use your money to support their families.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, 33% USDA certified organic shea butter, spring water, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, sodium hydroxide (positively charged salt, without it there is no soap. All soap except for herbal black soap contains this. Some companies deceptively leave this ingredient off their label)

You do know how to use soap, right? Apply to wet skin. Lather up. Rinse well.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Lynn Hubbard
Love this

I use this as a shower soap for all-over clean and softness. Glad I found it.

Excellent Unscented Soap

This soap is outstanding. It helps my skin retain moisture and there is no fragrance. I love the SheaTerra products.

line dancer 5678
Shea Butter Super Fat Soft-Skin Soap FRAGRANCE FREE

This soap is fabulous. It leaves your skin feeling soft and well hydrated. It is the perfect addition to my plan to rid my life of harmful chemicals.

Daniel Wulff
Bars of soap

I find your soap very good. I especially thank you for the fragrance free bars that I got. However, the shape of the soap is very difficult to use in the shower. It is wide, and the edges are square making it hard to hold onto. I’m tired of having to bend over and pick the soap up from the shower floor, especially hard for us older folks, and dangerous if we’re a little unsteady on our feet. I would like to order more but need it in a more consumer friendly shape.

Very Nice Soap!

Great ingredients! Not drying at all!

Sandy K
Love This Soap

I have severe chemical sensitivities and recently tried this soap. Even though it has no added fragrance, the natural smell is wonderful, it doesn't dry my skin out and it seems very nourishing. I hope it is never discontinued as it is the only soap I can use anymore and is a fantastic product.


I have been using this soap off and on for a good while now and it’s very good for keeping skin hydrated soft and clean without over drying. I use it for my whole body just a excellent soap.

Michael Warren
Great Shea Soap !

A great natural, lathering, cleansing and moisturizing shea soap ! Great at evening skin tone, smoothing your skin and softnening your skin ! All natural great shea soap. Skin is noticably better looking, feeling and clean with each use . 5 Stars, thank you Sheaterra and recommend.

Tina S.

This soap is very gentle on the skin. I feel no sticky residue. The Shea butter helps keep my skin moisturized. And the lack of fragrance means it doesn't interfere with my perfume.

Lorrie M.
Relief for dry skin, creamy

Relief for dry skin, creamy & hydrating.