Argan & Ghassool Shampoo + Spa Body Bar

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100% Super Natural. The Original (you know you got something good when so many people copy it). Discover the secrets of Morocco's spas. Argan oil moisturizes and softens skin and hair.
Silicone-rich ghasool, flowing from deep inside Morocco's Atlas mountains, purifies skin while cleansing and strengthening hair. Made with 33% organic shea butter, organic argan oil, organic virgin coconut oil, and organic extra virgin olive oil. Scroll down to read more.
Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.
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Exotic Morocco is famed for many things, among them their unique spa experiences with ingredients found no where else in the world. Anti-aging argan oil is pressed from fruits grown in the Argan Forest. Attempts to produce these fruits in countries like Italy and Mexico have failed. Argan trees dot the desert region along Morocco's western coast. These nutrient little fruits produce a nourishing, penetrating oil high in anti-aging vitamins A & E.
The Berber women have long used the oil to protect their skin against the powerful Sahara sun. Their skin, even into their eighties is amazingly supple and smooth. They also use argan oil to condition and grow their hair.
Shea Terra Organics has been importing this amazing oil directly from producers in Morocco for over a decade. The amount of fruit and labor necessary to produce this oil explains its high cost. In recent years, however, argan has finally received the recognition that it deserves.
Sadly, this has also meant that foreign countries are now exploiting the oil, taking the control of the oil away from the women who monetarily benefitted from this oil for thousands of years. Tammie took her children on a journey to meet with their supplying group, a wonderful cooperative of women set up to preserve the women's ancient oil-producing art. The oil she has selected is still stone made by the women to ensure that more women benefit from the argan sales.
Argan oil is combined with Morocco's rare ghassool clay to produce an amazing bar that purifies the skin while cleansing the hair. Ghassool clay is unique in that it actually softens the skin while pulling out impurities.
Its high silica content makes it healing to sores, wounds, and even cracks in the feet.
Incorporated into a blend of organic oils including 33% organic shea butter, Argan & Ghassool clay + Spa Body Bar is an exotic, purifying skin and hair treatment.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

 Contains only: USDA-certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, spring water, 33% USDA-certified organic shea butter, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, ghassoul clay, sodium hydroxide, ECOCERT-certified organic argan oil


Hair: Lather into wet hair. Rinse extremely well. For best results oil hair first. Lather with soap. Rinse and wash a second time.
Body: Lather onto wet skin. Rinse off.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Adds volume to my hair

Creates rich lather, needs to be rinsed out thoroughly.
It adds volume to my hair. One bar goes a long way.

Purchased multiple times. Will buy again.

A travel necessity

I take this on every trip! Honestly if you're a minimalist this is the only thing you need in your shower.

Pamela M.
Shampoo Bar

Never liked shampoo bars until I used this one. My husband enjoys it also.

Marc S.
love it leaves hair clean

love it leaves hair clean without feeling depleted if anyone can relate

Bianca D.
This bar is perfect to

This bar is perfect to take when I go on vacation next month with one less liquid and I know Sheaterra’s quality will be there!

Pamela J.
Great soap

A great bar of soap. Makes my skin soft, smells good and doesn't dry my skin out. Great quality and great price. Will purchase again.

Kimberly B.
Lots of lather

Lots of lather and not drying to my hair. I'll continue using it!

Valerie H.
Feels good on your hair

Feels good on your hair and skin recommend this soap the bar last forever.

Naoko K.
recommended product !

No aroma, but I got gentle skin. I love this so much and recommend this product !

Joshua R.