Argan & Rose Complex Serum of Youth

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100% Super Natural. Give your skin nutrients that can help reverse and slow signs of aging, improve tone, decrease scarring and aid with plumper looking skin when you release the powers of anti-aging argan and rose hips oil. Unleash the Serum of Youth. Featured in Town & Country Magazine. Scroll down to discover more. 
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Precious drops from some of the world’s most coveted anti-aging ingredients help nourish lackluster skin with essential fatty acids, natural plant squalene (from argan oil) and vitamins. Aging skin loses its production of essential fatty acids and squalene, resulting in loss of collagen and dehydrated skin, causing sagging and wrinkles. Just a few drops of Argan & Rose Serum of Youth, containing Moroccan argan,  South African rose hips and primrose oils, provides vital nutrients to aging cells, which helps produce skin that is moister and more youthful looking. Rubiginosa rose hips oil and seabuckthorn oil work synergistically to help your skin repair and regenerate so you look more beautiful than ever before.
This product does not contain fragrant rose oil or perfume. Shea Terra Organics uses unrefined ingredients whenever possible for their maximum skin care benefits. Therefore, this product has its own natural aroma.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure, ECOCERT certified organic, cold pressed argan oil, 100% pure, certified organic South African rubiginosa rose hips oil, evening primrose oil, seabuckthorn oil

Daily usage: Massage several drops of precious Argan & Rose Serum of Youth into skin nightly. Can be applied anytime of the day but best used before bed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 126 reviews

Great product. I stopped using a moisturizer and only use this for now


It has the consistency of an oil. It is not a thin liquid. I wish they would call only the watery ones "serums" and the oily ones "oils" to have a clear picture of what the consistency will be. However, as to it's function. It works great! And it smells like roses. To be honest, I've used almost all their oils and I don't feel like there is one superior to the other. They all work the same for hydration, moisturizing etc. If you moisturize, that always helps with fine lines and wrinkles but let's be honest. Nothing can reverse the clock. The advantage to all Shea Terra Organics though is that you're not slathering on a gallon of chemicals on the side. This stuff is truly natural. So no cysts from allergic reactions. No irritation. Nada. Mom is hooked too. I've been buying them for her as well. We stock up during Christmas sales cause we can't afford them at regular prices.

Great product

I have been using this oil for a couple of weeks. I have noticed my skin is smoother and more toned.
I have also been very pleased with the customer service that was provided. I’ll definitely be ordering from here again.

Dry wrinkly mountain woman finds real relief at last!

I use this serum over a rich cream, and the two together in this very dry mountain air if finally working, after searching a long time. My fine wrinkles relax, and my skin looks moist and, dare I say, glowing.

Susan Ghali
Perfect serum!

This is my go to oil! It goes on like velvet! Absolute perfection!

Martha Roth
Love this stuff!

I've been using your Argan oil for years. I tried this Argan and Rose Complex a couple of months ago and could not believe how it helped my rosacea and overall moisture. It also has softened some wrinkles around my eyes. I highly recommend it!


My first time using this and I am amazed. My skin has been around for 75 years and unfortunately I was never good with sunblock so I'm paying for that now. This argon and rose serum is wonderful. My skin not only looks better it feels better. I guess that sounds a bit strange, saying my skin feels better, but it does. I use Laura Gellar baked foundation and it goes on so much better with more coverage. Needless to say, I am very, very pleased. Thanks for such a terrific product. Oh, fast shipping too and very well packed. Also, thanks for the samples!!!!

Martha Roth
Love this stuff!

I usually use your Argan oil. This is even better!

Love it. ❤️

I added this argan serum to my Shea Terra shea butter and apply it to my body. My skin has become soft, smooth and firm. My boyfriend says my skin feels like a baby's skin.

Angela Brown

Argan & Rose Complex Serum of Youth