Authentic African Black Soap

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100% Super Natural. NO Dye added! NO Charcoal added! Our African Black Soap in bar form is made with REAL African Black Soap from Nigeria. There is no dye or charcoal needed for our original African Black Soap Bar. Use African Black Soap to help smooth skin and reduce blemishes. Ancient formula naturally breaks down dead skin revealing firmer, younger looking skin with a glow.
Size: Approx. 4.5 oz.

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Accept no imitations. No natural product performs better to help improve and decrease aging of the skin. This ancient formula helps produce firm, blemish free skin that looks fresher and younger than ever. It works like micro-dermabrasion without the side effects.

Authentic African Black Soap is still made today by the people of the Yoruban tribe located in Nigeria. It is believed that this tribe brought their herbal wisdom with them from their original Egyptian homeland. Secret black soap formulas are carefully guarded as they are passed down through generation. The soap is based on the ancient art of ash treatment finding a revival of interest today. As difficult as it is to obtain genuine African black soap it is no wonder so many imitations exist, even in Africa itself. In the US some companies add black dye to regular glycerin or triple milled soaps. These soaps do not possess the medicinal qualities of Authentic African Black Soap. Genuine African black soap is originally black although brown variations exist in neighboring countries and tribes. Even brown soaps with white specks can be found, but this is made using modern soap making methods combined with wood ash.

Shea Terra Organics incorporates the black soap ash into healing oils and cures them into hard bars of soap. Due to the way black soap is made, the soap itself is slightly abrasive which makes for an excellent body scrub. The soap works superbly for those back and shoulder acne.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: USDA certified organic, virgin coconut cream oil, African black soap (cocoa pod ash, plaintain peel ash, palm oil, camwood), 24% USDA certified organic shea butter, certified organic, extra virgin olive oil, spring water, sodium hydroxide
Use daily for maximum results. Soap may be a little drying at times. Simply apply one of our moisturizing creams, oils or shea nilotica for glowing, younger looking skin.
Body: Lather bar on skin. For best results leave on a few minutes before rinsing off.
Face: Lather bar in hand. Apply lather to face. Leave on as mask for approximately five minutes. Repeat for best results.

Customer Reviews

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Choaroyaone Molale

Love the soap. Great for oily skin that is prone to breakouts. Been using it for over ten years.

Kiley R.

I’ve been using this soap for 3 years, and I don’t think I could use anything else! It has immensely helped my acne. In collaboration with this soap, I also use the rose hip moisturizer from this brand as well.

Fernando R.
Can’t live without it leaves

Can’t live without it leaves my face feeling new after every use !

Jamie B.
Real black soap all natural

Real black soap all natural organic ingredients

Peter M.

I’ve been using this soap for many years so there fore I am a pure believer. It is the only soap that keeps facial pimples at bay. I use it with a combination of oil free, zero fragrance, aloe lotion and voila :ok_hand::skin-tone-5:. They should change its name to the Miracle soap although it’s name represents what it is.