Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Lotion

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Super Natural. Non-toxic. Eco-friendly. Created by mom of 14 for your baby and family.  Only pure spring water is good enough for baby. No recycled municipal water in this lotion. Protect and soften baby with cold pressed, Ugandan shea butter, monkey bread oil and yummy banana extract.

Bananas & Monkey Bread Baby Lotion is not only 100% natural but also non-toxic. The lotion will help in protecting and softening the baby’s skin, thanks to the cold-pressed shea butter, banana extracts, and monkey bread oil.


  • Ideal for use on the baby’s skin and hair
  • Keeps the skin soft and beautiful
  • 100% safe for baby’s sensitive skin
  • Has a soothing effect on the baby
  • Makes the baby sleep better.
Size: 16 oz.

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Monkeys "love" monkey bread as much as they love bananas. They climb high up in ancient baobab trees and break open the green furry shells to dig out the white "bread" inside. "Yum, yum," say the monkeys. But don't eat all the banana bread. We need some seeds to make precious monkey bread oil to help keep baby's skin soft and supple.
Tammie sourced only the best ingredients to make this gentle baby lotion. A mom of 14, Tammie knows how important safe ingredients are. Years in the making, she made sure that only the highest quality ingredients make it into her baby collection. This lotion begins with 100% pure spring water (other lotions contain toxic municipal water). Next she sources freshly pressed, wild harvested monkey bread oil. To this she adds a creamy, organic shea butter from Uganda. A rare skin treat, this butter is collected from a women's cooperative. Together these ingredients help provide a protective barrier for baby's fragile skin. To top off this soothing lotion, Tammie delicious, real banana fruit extract that mom and dad will love just as much as baby.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: Pure spring water, wild harvested baobab oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, certified organic Nilotik' shea butter (vitellaria nilotica), all natural banana extract, naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sodium benzoate



A little bit of lotion and a whole lot of love. Warm a little lotion between palms and gently massage into baby's skin.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Fantastic for Sensitive Skin

I use this on my very sensitive skin, particularly my face. It moisturizes without irritation, and the scent is divine! It's a rich lotion, sp a little goes a long way. My skin feels smoother, and my face looks dewy.

Varena Gibson
Love it!

The smell and quality is excellent!

Fernando R.
Smells amazing my 8 year

Smells amazing my 8 year old loves this product I’ve also used it on myself!

P V.
We don't have a baby.

We don't have a baby. I am the baby. I use this lotion after I shower. It's easy to use. My skin loves it.

Linda L.
My grandson Carter uses this

My grandson Carter uses this product & smell fantastic. His favorite fruit now in his favorite product for his skin.

Georgina K.

I bought this for my baby niece. Her parents love it!

Shop C.
I love this lotion! I

I love this lotion! I use it for myself and my children. It smells delicious! It keeps our skin soft and hydrated for the entire day. No ashiness here!

Marie S.
Smells so good

My baby smells so good, people always tell me that. I feel like it actually really moisturizes her skin and is long lasting.

Madison T.

The smell is absolutely amazing! I initially bought it for my 3-year old but I’ve been using it daily! My skin looks and feels amazing - I will definitely buy again!

Arthur K.
Smooth And Soft Stays Hydrating

Very good lotion I have sensitive skin and this lotion is so smooth that it softly applies and keeps my skin hydrated, thank you for the good work on developing a product of this quality I have not used a lotion that is as freshening. Best, Arty K.