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100% Super Natural. This is the traditional hair growth powder of the nomadic Chadian women. This all natural, 100% genuine Che'b'e Powder is the secret to the women's hair which reaches to their knees. If you are looking to improve hair growth via stimulation and strength, try this herbal concoction for yourself. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 8 oz. 

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Is it true that traversing through ancient dune pathways are nomadic women showcasing some of the longest hair in the world? Is it possible that some of the longest, most illustrious manes in the world are found in the often desolate Sahel? Arriving in caravans in countries like Chad, the long haired women bring the secret to their flowing tresses to trade in the bazaars. Each woman exposes the powder of their own hand and personal formulation. Finely ground from seeds and resin, the powder they call Che'be' (shay-bay) is undeniably credited for guarding their hair against breakage. The result is hair longer than any other in Africa. 

These nomadic women of Chad, a people of African and Arab roots, have mastered the rituals of hair care. It can take months to collect the ingredients for their Che'be' Powder. Once they have collected the seeds, spices and resin, they grind them into a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with a thick oil to form a cerate which the women will apply to each others' hair. The unguent is then braided into the hair and left in for long periods of time. The mixture gives great strength to the hair as it decreases breakage. Women throughout the world are now discovering the tradition of the Chadian women with astonishing results. Growth of several inches have been accomplished in women who have never been successful in growing out their hair. Discover the Che'be tradition for yourself. 

Contains only: Lavender croton (Croton zambesicus), mahaleb cherry (Prunus mahaleb), mastic gum, clove (Eugenia caryophyllus)
Suggested usage: Add 1 tbsp. of Chadian Che’be’ Powder to 100 grams oil. Mix in enough slightly melted shea butter to form soft butter, stirring for consistency until solid. Apply butter to wet hair and scalp. Spritz hair with aloe juice or rice water and put into braids. Allow to set overnight. Shampoo out. Repeat 2-3 times a week.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I really like the Chebe. My scalp has stopped itching, and I have new hair growth.

Belinda Skinner
Something new

The first thing I noticed after using the Chadian Chebe is that it stopped the itching on my scalp and It has only been a week. I will review again after 30 days. Thanks again!

Kimberly B.
Another great SheaTerra product

It is messy but hair looks great after I use this treatment! Just began to use it and will see what happens once I use the full container! I DO use the Egyptian black castor hair oil with blackseed amd henna as well as the shea butter! Instead of overnight, I put this on in the am and wash out at the end of the day.

Stephanie H.

We love the Chebe, it really makes my hair soft.

Hannah M.
Helping my dry, damaged, fine hair.

I’ve used this a few times now. I’m in my 30s, overall very dry skin / hair. I slept with this in the few times, shampooed and conditioned the next morning. I have fine hair so I know for me, shampooing was necessary. This has definitely replenished my hair each time I’ve used it, I even noticed it was air drying nicer than ever. I’ve always added oils to my hair at night but this is a great additive to my routine that seems to definitely be helping.

Barbara T.
Great products, great service, great experiences repeatedly

I have used the hibiscus and argan oils, which for my 59 year younger skin, have made a world of difference where others comment on the “glow.” What’s best for me equally true is the unwavering commitment of the team to customer service, support and satisfaction. Truly exemplified integrity, noted and greatly appreciated by this customer. I tried the hair treatment for the first time and am seeing amazing results where my bar of expectation was pretty low. My hair is softer and growing so much. The baby lotion is so thick the pump bottle doesn’t do it justice and if you like the smell of banana bread you will absolutely adore it. I use it for me!

Chante J.
I only used it once

I only used it once so far and plan on using again. I love this stuff! The ONLY thing about this product is washing it out. It took at least 4 times shampooing it to get it completely out of my hair because I mixed it with Shea Butter. it had my hair looking and feeling amazing! But makes a mess and leaves a greasy film in your tub and can be a beeotch to clean lol. I look forward to seeing some growth!

Juli B.
The Real Chebe Powder from Chad LOVE LOVE

This Chebe Powder is exactly as described!!! it is very fine a beautiful color and the smell is beautiful. I blend this Chebe Powder with the Shea Terra Shea Butter it melts right in and fully absorbs in my hair. I truly love this Chebe no itching or pieces left in my hair. Also it does NOT smell like cigarette smoke. I just started using this 3 days ago and I'm loving the results my hair is super soft and feels and looks amazing!!

Vicki M.
really like all of you

really like all of you products. We are useing alot of them. Calendula oil, rosehip oil, vitamin c serum. Our skin is soft and supple. Will keep using. Thank you, Shea Terra

Babette B.
I just received it and

I just received it and have used it for 1st time, it takes time to see results I will write back on this one