Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo (STRENGTHENING)

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100% Super Natural. Kick the chemical habit. Hair has demanding needs and this natural shampoo delivers above expectations. Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo is made with generous amounts of organic black seed oil and genuine Nile grown henna to help strengthen hair. Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo supports hair strands helping make them stronger with the addition of watercress oil and sidr leaf. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 16 oz. 

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Egyptian black seed oil and henna have both been used by ancient Egyptians to strengthen their hair and to promote hair growth. Black seed oil helps feed hair vital nutrients often washed out or repleted with modern hair formulas. Our Nile grown henna is rich in a multitude of nutrients and the Nile silt intensifies the mineral content of the henna in comparison to henna grown in other parts of the world. We use a generous amount of henna in our natural shampoo, not just a few drops of an extract. When mixed with water henna makes the hair colored, however, when we cook the henna into our shampoo it no longer colors the hair. Neutral henna used in many products, is actually not henna at all. It is a completely different plant and does not have the same strengthening properties of real henna. 

Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo is also made with a generous amount of sidr leaf from the jujube desert tree. Sidr leaf adds extra strengthening properties. In addition we add watercress oil which helps stimulate and condition the hair. Most importantly, our natural shampoo is made with pure spring water. Almost all skin, body and hair products are made with recycled sewage water. This water is chemically treated with chemicals like chlorine to kill unmentionable waste in municipal water. The combination of waste and chemicals used to clean the water is damaging to hair. We use only pure spring water to ensure our shampoo really is natural and healthier for your hair and family. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: pure spring water, certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic extra virgin olive oil, certified organic virgin coconut oi, coco glucoside (sugar based cleanser), potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts that change oil and water into soap- no lye- no soap), certified organic black seed oil, certified organic vegetable glycerin,  mineral salts, Nile grown henna powder, sidr leaf, Nile watercress oil, certified organic ginger essential oil
Apply enough shampoo to hair to get a rich lather. Rinse well. If hair has a lot of styling products or oil in it washing twice might be necessary.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Good shampoo

This shampoo has a natural aroma and clarified my hair nicely. It cleansed everything out of my hair including the castor oil and Shea butter I previously used on my hair. I have very thick curly/coily afro textured hair. I like the feeling of my hair having no residue from previous styling products after shampooing and this one gave my hair a much needed clean slate and prepared my hair for styling on wash day. I am very pleased with this purchase.


From the first use, I noticed softness in my hair and less hair loss


I usually use shampoo bars, but this was a nice change!!

Anita C.
Great Shampoo.

Great Shampoo.

T O.
I love the way this

I love the way this shampoo feels and how it makes your hair feel so strong and revived. It smells great and you can tell that there are no artificial ingredients.o

Hank C.
Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo

A no nonscense product that delivers on its promise to strenthen and nurish mind, body, and soul. Plus, I'm gratified that SheaTerra supports women and families around the world!


I really like the strengthening and cleansing effect.

John M.
For years I have had

For years I have had problems with growing my beard since using this I have had tremendous strength and growth

George H.
A really great shampoo that

A really great shampoo that cleans and moisturize scape and hair. I definitely enjoy using this shampoo and would certainly recommend it.

Melissa A.
Awesome body

Love knowing I'm putting clean products on my hair and body. 3 pumps of this shampoo gives awesome body to my fine, limp hair.