Egyptian Black Seed Oil 3.38 oz. (Certified Organic, Cold Pressed)

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100% Super Natural. Shea Terra Brand Egyptian Black Seed Oil featured on ON DR. OZ! Pressed from fresh seeds giving this oil a light taste. Low peroxide level. WARNING: Beware of companies promoting high TQ (thymoquinone) levels. Clams of .95% or 5XTQ are fraudulent. We sent a bottle of it to a reputable lab (only one we found had the equipment to test TQ) and found it has .45% (the same as ours). Discover the ancient oil that can help issues like dry skin, lack of energy, immune disorders, allergies and breathing problems just to name a few. Black seed oil has been used for thousands of years and can boost the immune system, treat chronic dry skin, eczema and more. Research shows Egyptian Black Seed to be the most effective. Our oil is always fresh, cold pressed and flown in from Egypt to assure you get the highest quality oil. Scroll down to discover more.
Size: 3.38 oz.

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It's Back!!! Shea Terra Organics' world famous Egyptian Black Seed Oil is now sold to the public again. Like some of Shea Terra Organics' products, only seasoned Shea Terra customers knew how to get through Shea Terra's back doors to get some of our well hidden secrets. But now you don't have to  show up in a trench coat in the middle of the night. This Shea Terra secret is back for good.
Ancient Egyptians coveted the black seed as a cure for nearly everything. Warm oil was put on the eyes to get rid of styes. Oil was applied to keep the skin moist, increase elasticity and to treat eczema, burns and rashes. The oil was consumed as a daily tonic to boost the immune system, to increase oxygen exchange amoungst asthma sufferers, decrease coughing, increase joint mobility, stimulate the scalp to improve hair growth, increase lactation, and to improve skin tone.
Today, black seed oil has seen a resurgence in sales. Once again people are seeking out black seed for its amazing tonic benefits. Numerous scientific studies have been conducted showing the benefits of black seed oil. For over a decade Shea Terra Organics' has been importing this oil straight from the stone mills of Nile fed Egypt. Research has found Egyptian black seed oil to be highest in beneficial compounds when compared to oils from black seeds grown elsewhere. Our high quality, cold pressed oil is BCOS certified organic.
This oil is pure and unrefined. It does maintain its natural aroma.
*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure Egyptian black seed oil (certified organic BCOS)

Traditional usage of Egyptian Black Seed Oil: Black seed oil has been revered in Egypt for thousands of years. Not surprisingly, black seed oil has been found in the tombs of pharaohs. Common usage of black seed oil is a teaspoonful a day, often mixed with a spoonful of raw honey. Ancient Egyptians would use the oil to boost their immune system. The oil was also applied to the scalp to encourage healthy growth and applied to a variety of skin conditions. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Vicky Mavis
Love this product

I have used this for awhile on my face and love how it keeps my skin so soft and keeps breakouts from happening. Will continue to purchase this product

I love this oil!

I have used this oil for ingestion (only a teaspoon a day), and for hair too. I purchased this size to enable me to use it for travel. and moving around. I love it as a hair mask too for a few hours. It moisturizes the hair (my hair is super rough, dry and damaged by nature!), so this is God sent,

black seed oil

Use the oil about 2 years for my scalp and elbow, works well, will buy again

Amazing product

Whenever I have a scratch, burn, or anything that will scab over, I place a dab on the affected area
2-3 times a day to help the healing process and minimize scarring.


Makes your face soft and helped with the pimples on the face. Never had any problems with shea products. Give it a try!!❤️

Liver Spot WIN and Psoriasis Trial

I got this to try for a couple reasons — and I'm testing bit by bit. It's been 3 weeks of a daily drop rubbed into a "liver spot" on my hand, and I'm noticing that the skin has more even tone now (the spot seems to be slowly fading). YAY.

I've also used it on my skin where I get patches of dry skin and that has also certainly helped but I've been less consistent, so don't know whether it will heal or bring temporary change.

Terrie Jaglinski
Great product

Highly moisturizing and great product.

Excellent for the hair and skin-

use it after shaving :-)

A Calming Oil for my Skin

When my exczema flares up, the Egyptian Black Seed Oil calms it down.

Linda R.
Loving them in the USA :u1FAB4:

The best company for the most natural ingredients. So much goes into these products from all over the world.
Go on any site and you’ll see the ingredients listed and then compare to Shea Terra.
I’m so happy there is a company that brings this to the USA in its purest form.
Customer service is the best too.
They always throw in little surprise samples with every order.
God made such wonderful plants and :u1FAB4: herbs. If you need help with different issues… these products really work great.
I thank Jesus everyday for all His Goodness. Psalms 103:1-5