Ghana Gold Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Shea Butter

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100% Super Natural. Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is The Gold Standard in shea butter. Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is NEVER Boiled. It is never heated to extreme temperatures to remove water. Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is never refined, or deodorized so it is golden color, not white. Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is higher in vitamin E than other brands because it is not processed or boiled in water to extract. Ghana Gold Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is highly effective for eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, dry skin, itchy skin and more. Use on rough hands and feet and watch a miracle before your eyes. Why settle for less when you can have the Gold Standard in shea butter? Scroll down to discover more.

If you are searching for the highest-quality shea butter, buy this 100% natural Ghana Gold Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Shea Butter. The shea butter is not extremely heated, boiled, refined, or deodorized during the production process.

Instead, it is cold-pressed to produce the purest form of shea butter making it very effective for treating:

  • Dry skin
  • Rough hands or feet
  • Eczema
  • Stretch marks
  • Itchy skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Scarring
  • Chapped skin

You can use Ghana Gold Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Shea Butter on your face, skin, or hair to bring healing and protection to your skin.

Size: 6 oz.

  • - The Story -
  • - Incredible -
  • - It's Easy -
• 100% pure and natural
• Cold-pressed for pure shea butter
• Holds in moisture and helps heal skin
• Great for dry chapped skin, scarring

So often, dry skin is more sensitive and hard to heal. Because our East African shea butter is cold pressed and all natural, it makes the perfect shea butter for acne, eczema, and other skin struggles. The natural vitamin E included helps heal skin so we even suggest our organic unrefined shea butter for stretch marks and lingering scarring. Use Ghana Gold shea butter on face, hair, and skin alike for those healing, protective qualities. Help your skin heal today!

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure, cold pressed, Gold Standard shea butter
Apply to skin daily. Massage in. Butter is very thick and concentrated. If desired butter can be lightly heated by putting jar in a bowl of warm water before applying.
Hair: Massage into scalp to condition hair and stimulate growth.
Healing: Apply to wounds, burns, scars, stretch marks, once to several times a day as needed.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 160 reviews
Rocio Araluce
The best quality ever!

Amazing quality! After years of trying different brands, finally found this one that really improved my skin within a few days!

Anne Wolfenbarger
Great For Heels and Feet

This fixes cracked heels, but is hard to spread

Bonnie Howard
Shea Terra - Shea Butter Gold

Soothes dermatitis wonderfully!

Lisena Smith

I've been using Ghana Gold Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Shea Butter for many years, and I absolutely love this product. It keeps my skin soft and moisturized all day long. I apply it to my body and on my hands. You need to be careful not to apply too much, a little bit goes a long way.

Layla M.
I liked, I'm getting to

I liked, I'm getting to love this brand

Kristen W.
Great on dry, scaly skin.

I was hesitant to purchase this because of the texture - I'm really glad I did. I love it. The butter is really dense. You take some out of the jar with your fingers and rub it between your hands to soften the butter and make it creamy. The smell is light and pleasant, like baking butter. I have some rough, darker patches on my arms - they have softened right up. I've never had super soft skin - now that I'm using this I love feeling how soft it is. Come wintertime my skin is usually really dry and itchy. I'm glad to have this shea butter in my arsenal.

Anita C.
Great product.

Great product.

Danielle C.
Great emollient especially on my

Great emollient especially on my cracked heels, knees & elbows.

Sherry P.
This Shea Butter is great

This Shea Butter is great for softening rough and dry skin on the body. The quality is great.

Angélica C.
It is very good to

It is very good to hydrate in the winter, it is not greasy that's why I love it.