Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo

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100% Super Natural! Does your hair need a miracle? In need of an all natural shampoo that won't strip your hair? Looking for a healthier, fuller and softer mane? Unleash the super powers of Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo, and watch a miracle happen. Made with pure spring water. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 16 oz. 

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Mongongo nut oil is expressed from the nut of a southern African tree. This nut provides the Khoisan, local gatherers, with protein, minerals and vitamins. The oil is a God-send for hair. It is rich in alpha-eleostearic and palmitic acids which protect hair from sun and heat damage. It conditions hair, decreasing and preventing breakage. We've combined this miracle oil with potassium and B vitamin packed bananas. Amla, Indian gooseberry, provides hair strength and reduces falling. Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo will transform the health of your hair to make it shinier, softer and more manageable. 

Kalahari Mongongo Banana Clarifying Shampoo is produced by us from scratch using only the safest ingredients. This 100% natural formula does not contain harsh chemicals, and thus is safe for health and the environment, too. Like all Shea Terra products, we use only 100% pure, mountain spring water in our formula. We never use recycled sewage water found in just about all natural brands. This ensures that toxic chemicals and chlorine is not added to our products. We produce our shampoo with fresh, extra virgin cold pressed oils which feed and protect hair. Our formulas contain whole or grounded herb, never tinctures or extracts. 

Contains only: pure spring water, certified organic sunflower oil, certified organic extra virgin olive oil, coco glucoside (sugar based cleanser), certified organic virgin coconut oil,  cold pressed mongongo oil, potassium hydroxide (positively charged salts that change oil and water into soap- no lye- no soap), certified organic vegetable glycerin, banana fruit and extract, amla fruit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

I love this shampoo. It lathers nicely so you can work the product in while massaging your scalp. I like the smell of bananas. My hair feels soft and healthy. I truly appreciate the integrity of this company for using natural ingredients in all their products.

Mary Burke
Love it so far

First time using the clarifying shampoo with a deep conditioning. Followed the instructions on the pre conditioner, rinsed it out before shampooing with the clarifying shampoo. Styled as usual. Came out shiny and soft! I have thick mid length hair, greying hair…no greasy, dry, or flat after feel. Combed out with tangles or pulling. Love them both!! Thank you Shea Terra!!

The only one I can use

I have histamine intolerance and It has been extremely hard to find a shampoo that my skin doesn't react to. The last one that I was using was discontinued 6 months ago and it took me all this time to find another one I can use. I am so happy I have found this! I can wash my hair without burning, stinging, redness etc. afterwards! Thank you Shea Terra for making products that are organic, natural and safe and gentle to the skin!

Louisette P.
Wonderful shampoo!

I have dry hair, it is a great help also for itchy scalp, my hair is not falling like before either.

Gretchen F.
Kalahari Mongongo Banana Shampoo

Since I’ve been using this shampoo I’ve noticed a decrease in breakage. This shampoo is very moisturizing. I’ve also received compliments on the wonderful natural scent.

Katherine L.
A vacation for your hair!

This is so different from traditional shampoo, it took me a while to adjust but now I’m a convert. It eliminates the drying effect from over washing by hydrating and moisturizing, often skipping the conditioner. Now I alternate between this and regular shampoo. My hair has bounce and life, and I love the scent. Just reordered!!

Brunda B.
Ooh So Moisturizing!

I cannot believe the immediate positive effects of this shampoo on my hair! Even after the first use, my hair became moisturized and so much easier to comb my thick, natural, 4c hair with a rat tooth comb!

Walter A.
Great product!

It really helped my hair to grow back. Thank you

Julie S.
What a great SMELL

This can leave my straight hair a little limp, so I don't often use it for that; I use this as a rich, luxurious body wash! It smells amazing. It has a watery consistency but it's still concentrated. Two squirts on a bath pouf gives mounds of fragrant bubbles.

Aisha F.
Hydrating Shampoo with a Nice Smell

This shampoo is on the thin fluid side when it comes to consistency, however, this does not distract from its performance. The shampoo lathers very well, it is hydrating compared to my previous high-end shampoo (Phyto-Specific) and it smells like banana yogurt which I like. If you do choose to detangle with the shampoo in your hair it is achievable. I did notice light granules in the shampoo which in my opinion is nice as it helps exfoliate the scalp while washing. I'll keep using the shampoo as I like it a lot especially with the deep conditioner. I'm a happy consumer of Shea Terra products.