Kenyan Dakara Frankincense Hydrosol

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100% Super Natural. Treat your skin to the benefits of frankincense in this distillate water. Black frankincense distillate water contains the regenerating properties of the fragrant resin. Help your skin cells plump, hydrate and improve tone with this aromatic hydrosol. Add to your favorite powdered face mask or use as a toner. ALCOHOL FREE. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 4 oz.

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This one of a kind beauty water is produced from the frankincense tears of the Boswellia neglecta. The trees grow in the wild in the dry sahel of Kenya. The Maasai people collect the black resin from the trees after they naturally ooze out. The frankincense is collected to Dakara black frankincense essential oil. The water used to make the essential oil becomes this fragrant skin care water which is good for helping increase the hydration of skin. The water contains many of the properties of the African essential oil as well as water-soluble properties not present in the oil such as boswellic acid. Unlike plant waters, the resin water does not require preservative. Spritz on skin several times a day to help keep skin hydrated. Use in your favorite beauty masks. Makes a perfect, all natural toner.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: Pure black frankincense distillate water

  • Spray on skin 2-3 times a day to help plump cells and encourage regeneration. 
  • Spritz into your favor