Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Deep Cleansing Oil

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100% Super Natural. Get deep pore cleansing with Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil. Are you still using soap twice a day? Using harsh astringents and alcohol laden toners? Stop! Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil gets rid of the grime that soaps can't. Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil dissolves the particles that soap leaves behind, and it does all this without DRYING OUT skin! Combination of nourishing skin care oils make this cleansing oil ideal for mature and dry skin types. Scroll down to discover why you need this product today!

Size: 4 oz.

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Washing one's face with soap too often can lead to dull, dry skin. In fact, using too much soap can create fine lines on the face as the skin becomes rigid. And if you are not using a high quality cleansing oil AFTER using soap, your not really getting skin clean anyhow. Soap leaves a lot of residue behind in pores. That's where healthy, good for skin Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil comes in. You won't believe your eyes when you see how much gunk was left behind on your delicate facial skin. Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil uses a combination of nourishing skin care oils to feed skin as it removes debris. Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil dissolves sebum and oils to remove leftover junk from the face. While cleansing your face is getting a facial at the same time. The high quality, cold pressed oils used in this cleansing oil nuture and soften skin. They aid in preserving the integrity and youthfulness of skin. So whether you substitute one of your daily cleansing with this oil or use it to follow up after a face wash, Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil is a must for glowing skin.
Contains only: Certified Organic, cold pressed, virgin Egyptian jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis), cold pressed, virgin carrot seed oil (Daucus carota sativa), wild harvested, cold pressed, virgin baobab oil (Adansonia digitata),  wild harvested, cold pressed, virgin moringa seed oil (Moringa oleifera), wild harvested sausage fruit (Kigelia Africana)
Lightly tap small amount of Kigelia Carrot Seed & Jojoba Cleansing Oil to face. Use a cotton ball to work the oil into the skin and dissolve debris. Can be used after face wash or without.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Becca L
This product is wonderful.

This product absorbs well and makes my skin feel great! It works well on my very sensitive skin with no issues.

Aubree Bures
The absolute best!

I love this cleansing oil! I use it every night and I have no fine lines and scarcely get any breakouts any more!

Kathy Henry
Wonderful product!!

So glad that I purchased. Renews my skin gives back the shine. Will purchase again!!


This is the first time trying an oil cleanser So glad I decided on this particular one. It is so easy to use. With every use I am noticing the results of this deep cleansing oil. My complexion is loving it.


Love the way my faces feels after

My skin is soft!

I really like this cleanser. My skin feels so soft. I struggle with dry skin so far this has helped. I am really happy with the softness and evenness.


My favorite cleansing oil so far and I’ve tried many !

Nourishing for mature skin

I apply this jojoba carrot oil directly to my skin. Massage it in. Follow with rose hips and pink clay facial soap, then Moroccan Ester C rose water, and the best at the end: Rose Hips vitamin B3 face cream❣️

When I used the facial pink clay soap alone it was drying my mature skin, using the jojoba carrot oil before using the soap leaves my skin well nourished and soft.

Heather T.
I love this deep cleansing

I love this deep cleansing oil! My face feels so soft and looks radiant when I use it. It works very well on dry ski!

P V.
The only cleanser for me

I have been looking for an oil cleanser and have tried many. This is my new HG.