Kigelia Mussiro & White Clay the Clearer Face Mask AGE DEFENSE

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Super Natural! Get clearer, brighter, cleaner skin. Kigelia Mussiro & White Clay Face Mask transforms skin from dull to amazing! The ancient beauty secret of the Macua comes to life in this self activated mask creating clear, baby soft. Saharan white clay draws impurities from skin. Kigelia super fruit stimulates skin for a younger, tauter appearance. Scroll down to discover more.

Size 5 oz.

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Push reset. Your skin is about to go on a journey. On the quest for indigenous beauty secrets, I discovered this unique plant mask in 2005. The women of the Macua tribe of Northern Mozambique use the twigs of the mussiro tree to protect and beautify their skin. They grind the dry wood upon stones with a little water to make a mask which they wear all day. Often times they decorate their faces with beautiful designs. The botanical mask makes banishes blemishes as it makes the skin soft and glowing. The mask has been nearly impossible for me to get out of Mozambique all these years, but I have never forgotten. Today it is available in this one of a kind facial treatment mask. In its pure form there are no preservatives and the raw material is very concentrated. The mask can be worn on its own or can be added to other ingredients such as clay or yogurt to make a mask which is uniquely yours.  

Kigelia Africana is also known as a sausage fruit. It is a power house for the skin offering after and before sun care. We've added kigelia Africana to mussiro for its skin toning benefits. Self-activate the mask by adding rose water, mineral water or even milk. Apply the mask to the skin like a face pack. The mask does tend to be naturally flaky but with the right methods can be made creamy. Putting into a blender may smooth the mask into a cream. Apply the mask to the skin and leave on as long as possible. The mask does not tend to irritate skin like most masks do. Experiment by making designs on the face such as flowers and tribal symbols. Embrace the ritual of the Macua women.

Contains only: mussiro, Saharan white clay, kigelia Africana
Mix a teaspoonful of Kigelia Mussiro & White Clay Face Mask with water, Moroccan Rose Hydrosol, Frankincense Hydrosol or Tea Tree Hydrosol to make a semi-firm mask. Powder can also be mixed with kefir. Apply to skin 15-20 minutes. Apply water to skin to lightly exfoliate mask as mask is rinsed off. Rinse well. Follow up with Kigelia Frank & Rose Hydra-Tanical Face Mist.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Absolutely love it!

Love the gritty exfoliating nature of this face mask. I mix it with the Sheaterra rose water to make a paste. Apply, let it sit, add tiny bit of water, scrub my face with it.
Result, skin soft as a baby. Use rose water after to clean it. Apply maracuja, green tea, or jojoba oil. Tried many Sheaterra oil, they all are absolutely fantastic!

Annie T.
I love Shea Terra products!

I love Shea Terra products! And this is no exception. It made my skin smooth and bright even after one use.

Aneta L.
Works like a facial scrub!

It’s a great exfoliating clay , I just find it hard to mix it with a water, I tried couple different hydrosols and the best solution for me was to mix it with natural Greek yogurt to achieve a creamy substance, it’s much easier to spread all over the face and it’s extra moisturizing at the same time!

My initial results-READ UP, (and I'll be back for an update!)

I am so hesitant to write a review on any product until I've really come to know the product. I think, quite often, when I see a review after only one or two uses that it's not really valid enough time to base a legitimate review on, but here I go, doing the same thing. But I had to talk about this product! Granted, I've only used two times, but here are my immediate results. I am a senior citizen, I have very dry, very delicate/sensitive skin. Most masks bother me, even when they're great for others. This one, first-off, is not like that. I put it on and left it on for an hour and 45 minutes. Zero sensitivity issues came as a result. Receiving my order and anxious to try, I put some of this in the palm of my hand and added some tap water (we have well water) and mixed it in the palm of my hand. It was a little chunky and it did flake a little but not like I expected. When it did flake, the flakes were very tiny, more like dust rather than chunks. The first thing I noticed and still am a little in awe about, is that I put the mask on and went about my business and all of a sudden, in a few minutes, I noticed the palm of my hand felt quite smooth like. I mentioned this to my husband and queried as to whether this might be happening on my face as well. When I got out of the shower, anxious to see if I could see anything at all, knowing it was too soon, I noticed that my skin did look a bit more clean-clear like than usual. My face felt kind of like when you've had a facial, which I've not had in years, but I do remember them. I was impressed enough to use the mask the next day, keeping it on for about 45 minutes. Life got in the way and I've not been able to use the mask for the past 3 days, and now I'm writing a review. I have only used it two times and it's all been in the past 5 days but my facial skin looks and feels remarkable considering the limited, short term use! I have very fair skin, but I'm not that fairy-tale fair-skinned, or milky white skinned from the books and's more like a sickly, pasty white complexion where every little blemish scars stay red and my face looks washed out, pasty, "maybe she's not that well" kind of a complexion. Even when I'm at my best. Today my husband says to me, "Wow! Look at your face! You look so good! Your skin looks so soft, and it just looks clear!" Note: My husband never notices things like that...or at least not until lately! I do notice it. I know the color of my skin has not changed but it seems that it has, and the clarity, the evenness of skin tone, the reduction of all those little red's all coming together and I've only used this stuff two times! is gentle on my super sensitive face, to boot! This is one of those products that, literally, I can truly *get excited* about. I'm so happy to have found this. My biggest problem as far as I can tell is this. I've not tried any of the Shea Terra Masks, this is my first one. So, do I keep with this one forever? (yes!) so, how do I check out all the others now because if this one is as magical as it is, I want to use it forever but I want to know about all of the other masks too. I see a definite dent in my wallet, but I'm happy about it! HIGHLY recommended especially for sensitive, dry, uneven skin toned people like me.

Christina O.
this is literally wood in

this is literally wood in little stick form, hard to apply, pokes the skin. Cant get it to stick on the face

Christina O.
this is literally wood in

this is literally wood in little stick form, hard to apply, pokes the skin. Cant get it to stick on the face

Lea H.

I've used quite a few clay masks, including the ones you mix together like this. This is my least favorite. The texture is extremely gritty and never feels like it quite mixes up well enough, no matter what ratio I use. It also doesn't seem as effective as my favorite mask, which I was trying to find a cheaper alternative for. I will absolutely not repurchase this.