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100% Super Natural. Decrease and prevent unsightly stretch marks with powerful, nutritive oils that penetrate beneath the skin's surface to help skin stretch as you grow. Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Oil has you covered whether you are a growing mama or a studly muscle builder because studs claim this oil is for super studs, too. So what ever ails your stretchy skin- get what Mama ordered- Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Oil. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 8 oz.

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Mama's Gold Stretch Mark Prevention & Treatment Oil Is Not Your Typical Stretch Mark Oil Made From Cheap, Inferior Oils That Do Little To Improve The Skin's Condition. Nay, Shea Terra Organics' Famous Treatment Oil, Featured In Such Magazines As Fit Pregnancy, Is Made From The Best Nutritive Oils Designed To Penetrate Beneath Skin's Surface Where It Is Needed. Shea Terra Organics' Founder, Mother To 12 Children, Formulated This Exotic Blend With Over A Decade Of Experience In African Herbs And Oils.
Pregnant Women Are More Prone To Brittle Skin As Their Babies Acquire Nutrients From Their Mothers. If You Have Ever Found A Rubber Band That Has Become Dry And Brittle, Then You Will Know That Once Stretched The Rubber Band Becomes Cracked. In Contrast, A Rubber Band That Is Relatively New And Flexible, Can Be Stretched Again And Again And Go Back To Their Original Shape Without Damage. The Skin Works In A Similar Manner. The Problem With Most Stretch Mark Oils, However, Is That The Inexpensive Oils They Use To Make Maximum Profit Do Little To Benefit The Cellular Structure Of The Skin And Mostly Remain On The Skin's Surface Without Penetration. Tammie Formulated Mama's Gold Utilizing Several Of Her Most Nutrient Oils That Provide Nourishment Cells Crave As They Penetrate Below The Surface To Help Skin Stretch.
While There Is No Absolute Prevention For Stretch Marks, The Level Of The Skin's Elasticity Can Be Markedly Improved With The Right Ingredients. There Is Also No Way Of Completely Getting Rid Of Stretch Marks, But Their Appearance Can Be Drastically Improved With Proper Topical Nutrition From Ingredients That Actually Penetrate The Skin's Surface Unlike Cocoa Butter And Coconut Oil Which Do Not. In Order To Get The Most Out Of Your Stretch Mark Treatment, We Highly Recommend First Preparing The Skin With One Of Shea Terra Organics' Coconut Sugar Body Scrubs.

*Our Products Are Made With Natural And Organic Ingredients To Treat Your Hair And Skin Well. However, Keep In Mind That Results May Vary!

Contains only: Shea oil, carrot seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, baobab oil, tsamma melon oil, marula oil, lemon essential oil, lavender essential oil, calendula, Egyptian chamomile, kigelli, African potato, blue mountain sage essential oil

Massage daily into expanding areas or areas of existing stretch marks. It is recommended to use one of Shea Terra Organics' Shea & Dead Sea Salt Scrubs before treatment to areas.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Brittany G.

The scent is something I've never smelled before but it's not bad just new. The oil is very moisturizing. I love it. I would purchase again.

Jeanette Caldwell
Love love love this wonder oil

I'm using it not just for stretch marks, but also after my skin was exposed to Florida sun and diving in the ocean for hours. Absorbs quickly without oily greasy looking skin. I love the light herbal scent, skin feels soft and moisturized after a shower or any time. Can't be without it, since it is truly a wonder oil. Works so well on dry feet and hands too. Might as well try it in my hair as well.

Cathy K
DIL loves this oil

Bought this oil for my newly pregnant DIL to use. She says she loves it and so thankful I bought it for her. Uses it twice a day-she loves the scent too! It's a win!

Yasmin Rebollar
The Best!

Smells amazing, amazing ingredients and goes on great!

Danell R.
Love this oil for all

Love this oil for all over, everyday use! I’m 49 and have the driest, most crepey skin from all my years of boating. Being more faired skin, the sun has taken its toll on my skin. This oil is so hydrating and soaks in with a nice light sheen. I love the healthy light almost herbal smell and I top it off with the Nilotica Shea butter. It’s great for year around and worth every penny!

P V.
Relaxing and pampering

Smells amazing! I don't know that it does much for stretch marks, but it is nice and soothing. Will repurchase.

Paula A.
Great product.

Great product.

Jacey W.
Just started using the product.

Just started using the product. Will report back on the minimization of stretch marks. Smell is calming and oil absorbs quickly.

Tannis M.
Smells so Good to Me

It smells Devine, and it always makes me feel it soaks into my skin without leaving an overly greasy feeling; donâ€:tm:t feel like I need moisture hours later either but I keep it on my belly at least 2x a day. I really love this stuff!

Luz R.
Great products

Great products