Mongongo & Banana Deep Conditioning + Pre-shampoo Hair Food Masque

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 Super Natural.  Super food for your hair. Is your hair damaged and nothing else seems to work? You are in for a great surprise with this deep conditioning, natural hair and scalp treatment. Your hair can look healthier, feel softer and be more manageable than ever with this nutritious hair masque. Scroll down to read more.
Size: 12 oz.

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 Hair fried? You know Shea Terra Organics. We've got you covered in more ways than you want to ever imagine possible. Now dip into a luscious jar of mongongos and bananas and feed your hair back to life. At this point, you are probably scratching your hair fry and wondering what the heck mongongo is. So okay, we'll let you in on a little secret. Mongongo is a highly nutritious nut that grows in marginal regions across southern Africa. The nut is traditionally eaten by the San and iKung tribes, giving them strength and vitality in very harsh living conditions. The oil-rich nuts are high in fat, protein, calcium and vitamin E, making the oil an ideal food source for the hair.

By this point, we are sure you are going bananas over mongongos, but we are not quite finished with our food masque supreme. Nay, we go out on a limb to add a generous amount of mashed banana puree to our mongongo and shea butter blend. Bananas weren't just created for monkeys, gorillas and apes (no, they aren't all the same). They were created for hair too, you know, a wild, luxurious mane of hair. One that brings out the inner beast in you. You know the one. The one that hollers and shouts in the shower as you massage Mongongo & Banana Deep Conditioning + Pre-Shampoo Hair Food Masque all over your head. Oooh, ooh, ah But stop that. Let's stay focused on the important things. Bananas are high in potassium, which can soften and condition hair. Their high mineral and vitamin content is believed to help nutritionally depleted hair grow better. Bananas also contain their own natural oil which conditions and coats the hair with a protective barrier, helping to strengthen the hair against breakage.

Okay, so what is the deal with the pre-shampoo thing. Alright, alright. Shea Terra Organics is known to be a pioneer, a leader, not a follower. And we still are, believe us. But and you know there has to be one of those, with everyone using the pre-shampoo word these days we think using the word is our opportunity to break in. Pre-shampoo is nothing new. It really isn't. Only the term is new. People from traditional cultures from India to Asia to Africa have always, uh um, pre-pooed their hair. In fact, Tammie herself has been pre-pooing her hair since she was a teenager, massaging her hair in virgin coconut oil and ayurvedic oils, often sleeping with it overnight before shampooing it out in the morning. One time the high school children nearly ran her out of the school the ayurvedic oil stunk so badly. Although this ancient way of producing long, luxurious hair often works, Tammie vowed that none of Shea Terra's fans would ever be run off with pitch forks, so she created the best darned smelling pre-poo the market will ever experience. So go ahead - dip into a delicious jar of mongongo and bananas and let beautiful, manageable hair begin.

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Pure spring water, certified organic shea butter, mongongo oil, natural emulsifying wax, banana pulp and extract, naturally based preservative (glucono delta lactone, sodium benzoate), vegetable coloring
Deep conditioning masque: Massage masque into dampened hair and scalp. Wrap hair in hot towel for thirty minutes. Shampoo out.

Pre-shampoo Masque: Massage masque into dampened hair and scalp. Shampoo out.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Diana P.
I couldn't find conditioner for

I couldn't find conditioner for my daughter's hair to penetrate her hair shaft, but this one did. so far i love the stuff. It's still new to me, but i will try this on all my clients hair

Esra G.
Awesome! All natural and no

Awesome! All natural and no nasties.

Temitope A.
Smells so yummy and makes

Smells so yummy and makes my hair very soft. I love it.

Katherine L.
Food for your hair

Super conditioner, using twice a month for deep hair pampering.

Janel U.
I use it a leave

I use it a leave in conditioner and it smells so good.

Erica S.
Get some!

With heat, my 4c hair loves it. It is a necessary staple in my regimen. The consistency might cause you to think it won't work, but it does. I tried going without it for a minute and that was a mistake. And the smell is delicious!

Anais R.
Great product, keeps my hair

Great product, keeps my hair well moisturized and manageable. What I most appreciate with Sheaterra is the integrity of their products.

Karen B.
Beautiful and effective conditioner

I absolutely love this intoxicating deep conditioner for my long hair. It feels so good and washes clean. My hair is glistening and smooth afterwards. I highly recommend this product!

Pamela J.
I love the quality and

I love the quality and smell of the mongongo and banana deep conditioning. I treat flyaways with a little dab, and hair mask one a week. The effects of the mask Leaves my hair soft and manageable .

Christine U.
My hair felt softer and

My hair felt softer and thicker after one use. The fragrance is amazing.