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Getting a pedicure is one of the most amazing ways to give your toenails the attention they truly deserve. Pedi, as most people call it involves cleaning, buffing, scrubbing, painting, and simply pampering your toenails.

The good news is that you can decide the extent of your pedicure. From long soaks to massages, or complete foot revamping, the choice is yours.

Benefits of Pedicure

  • Helps detect infections on time: if you have signs of fungal infection or bunions, your nail artist will notice the problem in the early stages.
  • Soften the skin: during your pedicure treatment, the esthetician will use a top-quality cream, lotion, or other products to relieve dry skin. This way, you’ll get rid of the dead, rough, peeling skin.
  • Relieve stress: just like other self-care treatments, a pedicure will help you to relax and get rid of all the stress.
  • Boost circulation: as the esthetician massages your lower leg, blood circulation will greatly improve. This will, in return, help to eliminate icy cold feet.
  • Make your feet look and feel good: having beautifully-shaped, painted, and nicely trimmed nails will make you feel and look great.

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Excellent Products

I have a thing (a real thing) for bath products and can be, on occasion, an impulse buyer...with that said, I am loving the pedicure foot collection. It puts me in a VERY GOOD MOOD and is a great way to honor my very deserving self...(that is how I rationalize my obsession)

Mary A. Cummings

I can agree the order date. After Xmas, i notified Shea Terra that I had not received my package and think I notified Shea that it was still not here. The last word received was the pkg. was being sent back to Shea. A few days ago I asked for a new package and they should keep the old pkg when it arrives at Shea. Right now either send me my order or return my money!!!!