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100% Super Natural. It’s REVIVAL of the fittest! Revive those gushy little baby feet once more with Revival Foot Oil. Revival Foot Oil is made with rare ximenia oil, traditionally used to soften leather. Just imagine how soft your feet are going to be! REVIVAL Foot Oil penetrates rough layers of skin to revive battered feet. Tea tree essential oil and tamanu oil aid foot health. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 4 oz.

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The amazing Revival Foot Oil is super powered by African wild plum oil. Most commonly known as ximenia oil, the thick, penetrating oil is used in southern Africa to soften leather. Ximenia oil is rich in ximenynic acid, a rare constituent which is also noted to have the ability to increase blood flow. To enhance the skin softening properties of this super oil we have added wild harvested tamanu oil. The two smooth skin decreasing cracking and unsightly dead skin. The stupendous certified organic tea tree essential oil is added for its bacteria and fungal fighting powers. This combination gets feet back to their prime. For deodorizing and cooling feet we've added pure peppermint essential oil. Just rub oil onto feet daily, cover with socks, and let the Revival begin.
Contains Only: wild harvested, cold pressed ximenia oil (Ximenia Americana), wild harvested, cold pressed, certified organic tamanu oil (Calophyllum inophyllum), peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita), BCS-OKO Certified Organic tea tree essential oil
Massage generous amount of oil into freshly cleansed feet. Repeat daily. It is recommended to apply at night and wear socks over oil to help penetrate the skin.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Wow. This oil blend is perfect.

Rich, soothing oil. I use it at night with socks.

Holly Lofgreen
Incredible foot oil

Very emollient. Smells wonderful. Great for heels and calluses. Great product. My dad liked these products. A win for Fathers Day!

S. A. Alexander

I loved getting pedicures, but the sanitary issues seemed to bother me more and more when going to nail salons, and after covid, it was worse instead of better. And I would have expected just the opposite! So, afraid of catching something on my feet/nails. I started doing it at home. Not all that bad, but not fun. Then, I found the foot products here! Wow! After using this nightly, and sleeping in socks, after a few weeks, I decided to give myself a pedicure. I soaked, buffed and as if by a miracle my feet were soft as a baby's little behind. Well, not quite that soft, but softer than months of pedicures had given me and that's the truth! This was really surprising since I'm not a great self-pedicure person, trust me there! But my feet look fabulous and they've NEVER felt bette. And to top it off it is quite pleasant to rub this minty delight into my feet and little toesies every night. Tingly, refreshing and here feet look like a young girls feet again. I ask anyone to try this, I believe this is one of those products, that barring some unique allergy or something...EVERYONE will love this. I know this is one of my all time favorite beauty treats. Do try it. It just may make you happy!

S. A. Alexander
Changed my life. I an now officially a princess!

I was an average woman, now I am a princess. I started using this every night, before bed, then, before I knew it, I was a princess! No, really. Well, I think so anyway! There are few more fun-beneficial therapeutic things than giving one's feet a good, loving massage every day (or evening) and this product makes it so easy and FUN to do. It's refreshing, clean, and tingly feeling and I just started looking so much forward to it every night! Then, my feet! Oh, they were prettier and I'd start waking up and pull my socks off and feel my feet every morning. When I stand up and walk, I feel like a princess - a princess with pretty feet. I want to use this every day of my life. It is an ultimate luxury! And, it makes my feet feel happy and healthy and just downright pretty. THANK YOU for this product!

Smells Nice!

So far, I really like this oil. It smells great and you have to use VERY little of it!! Makes my feet soft and smelling fresh!

I think I may be actually addicted to this!

Oh, this is the most wonderful stuff in the world! I got this and the Restoration Food Butter at the same time and GOOD FOR ME that I did. I am totally in love with both products, but this one is oil, the other butter. This product punches a bigger tingly effect, but as to which I love the most, I cannot say. I will say that I simply cannot say enough good about both of them. Just try this. I promise you will love it, unless you just simply don't have a relationship with your feet. And, if you don't. START it today, your feet take you everywhere! Be good to them. Be WONDERFUL to them, give them this oil. You'll be glad you did! I am in love


This Revival Foot Oil is the BEST foot moisturizing product I've ever tried! I've been moisturizing my feet after every shower for years, but this oil has taken the ritual to a whole new level!!! Rich, decadent oil that penetrates beautifully and smells SO LOVELY.
I've returned to purchase yet another bottle... AMAZING PRODUCT.

Hanan Althawadi/bah 11440
My feet love this!

Go for this, they have the perfect combo of oils for the feet. I adore it!! Smooths the feet and helps me sleep better too. I use it when I do my foot spas at home!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Allison B

This is the thickest, most cushy, luxurious oil I have ever felt. I wear cork sandals all summer which pull moisture out of my feet and nothing has ever worked like this stuff! It's even more potent than the foot ritual cream for me. I'm obsessed! I also will use this on any extremely dry part of me.

Selby Thorpe