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Super Natural Formula! Our most luxurious face cream ever, Rose Hips Intensive Face Cream is made with 30% of the world's most potent rose hips oil. Highly concentrated a little of this natural cream goes a long way to smooth out lines and soften skin. Dreamy cream is a God send for under eyes. So emollient, just a little Rose Hips Intensive Face Cream will soothe dry hands as well. Skin soothing sea buckthorn is compliments wild rubiginosa rose hips oil in regenerating and calming skin. A boost of vitamin B assists in evening out skin tone. Rose Hips Intensive Face Cream is the perfect face cream for those with sensitive skin, aging skin, wrinkles, dry skin, and uneven skin tone. Great for crow's feet and scarring, too! Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 2.5 oz. 

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     Everyone knows how beneficial pure rose hips oil is to skin. It lightens skin, assists in evening out depigmentation, greatly reduces scarring and drastically decreases lines. So what can be better than a moisturizer made with rose hips oil? A moisturizer made with 30% wild, certified organic, rubiginosa rose hips oil. Most creams contain only 1-3% rose hips oil. 30% wild rose hips oil produces a cream that is so rich and emollient that only a tiny amount is needed for amazing results. Rose hips oil is replete with trans-retinoic acid. Unlike retinol A, naturally occurring trans-retinoic acid doesn't come with the negative side effects. Rose hips oil is revered for its ability to soften, smooth and even skin tone. The rubiginosa variety of rose hips produces a more potent rose hips oil in comparison to the canina or mosqueta (a blend of varieties) variety. We utilize 30% of this more effective variety to produce a masterpiece of a cream which not only keeps skin looking more youthful, but is also the perfect cream for under the eyes, scars and dry hands as well. 

     So if rose hips oil is so amazing on skin, why not use it 100%? Rose hips oil is very effective used straight on skin. However, pure oil does not provide skin with the moisture that it needs to maintain plump cells and softness. That's why a highly concentrated cream is so beneficial. We use only spring water in our products so there is never any chemically treated water. The moisture from the water combines with rose hips oil to penetrate skin and deliver nutrients to the top several layers of cells. This noncomedogenic formula produces radiant, dewy looking skin. 

Contains only: Pure mountain spring water, BCOS Certified Organic 30% wild harvested rose hips fruit oil (Rosa rubiginosa), vegetable emulsifying wax (cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside), USDA Certified Organic Shea Nilotik’ shea butter (Vitellaria nilotica), vegetable glycerin, Vitamin B3 (niacinamide), sea buckthorn fruit oil (Hippophae rhamnoides), naturally derived preservative (glucono delta-lactone), sclerotium gum, sodium benzoate

Rose Hips Oil: Wild harvested rose hips from the rubiginosa variety is high in trans-retinoic acid and essential fatty acids.



Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil: High in omega-7, palmitoleic acid, and vitamins including pro-vitamin A, B’s, D, E, K and P.

Niacinamide: Vitamin B3 evens skin tone for a smoother complexion.



Apply daily to freshly washed skin and hands. Can be used under eye. 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Good moisturizer

This is a very nice moisturizer. I just started to use it, it's a little thick so you only need a little but it is not greasy and absorbs quickly. I feel like my skin glows and feels super hydrated after use.

Michelle K.
The Best Moisturizer

Love Shea Terra products! I’ve been using it now for 2 years and the difference in my skin is amazing! I had adult acne and since using their products religiously, I no longer have breakouts! Definitely recommend!!

Julie Dexter

I just received the face cream and I am thrilled. I’ll admit, I thought the jar would be larger (yes, it does say 2.5 oz), but the cream is obviously very rich and will hopefully last awhile. It feels wonderful, smells wonderful and I’m anxious to see if it helps my mature skin (I’m 64). I can say, that after last night’s use, my face is very soft!
And many thanks for the lovely rose hydrosol! I love it and I’m sure I’ll be adding it to my daily routine.

Shirl W-C
Moisturizing Shea Terra

The Shea Terra moisturizer works perfectly on my face and it is so healthy

Lee A Harrison

Unable to review face cream on backorder

Elyse C
The best face moisturizer

I love this face moisturizer! I have sensitive, acne prone skin and this moisturizer doesn’t bother my skin at all and makes it feel so moisturized without feeling greasy. It is my favorite moisturizer. It seems to calm and hydrate my skin. I love that’s it’s all natural with minimal ingredients and no silicones. Better than anything you can find at most retail stores.


I love how my skin looks and feels. Having oily skin makes it hard to find products that work well!!

Sabrina Robenek

I love how it is light but hydrates the skin better than oils. I really recommend this product.

Jackie Whitney
Wonderful face cream for dry skin

I have been a customer of Shea Terra products for years and always reorder this face cream when I run out. It is a perfect formula to apply before foundation.......not too greasy and makeup application goes on smoothly. My face just loves it! I wear it year round as well. It has a nice clean very light scent of roses but fades immediately after application. It is a definite five-star product!

Soothing and Moisturizing!

This is the first time I’ve purchased anything other than rose water spritzer. I like it, it is creamy and with my elder, sensitive skin type it seems to be helping my face look better already. Just a few weeks and I’m very satisfied!