Shea Nilotik' Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter DAKARA FRANKINCENSE

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100% Super Natural. NEVER BOILED. NEVER FRIED. 100% Cold Pressed. Shea Nilotik' East African Shea Butter is a rare natural shea butter with skin-healing properties from Uganda. Unlike West African boiled shea butter which is hard and waxy, Shea Nilotik' Cold Pressed Virgin Shea Butter is creamy, soft and easy to spread. Rich in pro vitamin A & E, this anti-aging butter is perfect for stretch marks, on nails, cuticles, hair and more. Scroll down to discover more. 

Size: 6 oz.

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This is not your mama's shea butter. Shea Nilotik' Cold Pressed Shea Butter is the queen of all shea butters. USDA certified organic Shea Nilotik' Cold Pressed Shea Butter is far to superior to any other shea butter on the market. Shea butter trees in Uganda produce a different variety of shea butter than shea trees found westward. The nuts naturally produce a butter which is much softer with a pleasant, earthy aroma. The wild nuts are collected by the women from the communal lands and sold to a Ugandan owned mill where it is cold pressed under meticulous conditions. The women earn a decent amount of money for selling the nuts they have collected, and this is often times the only form of cash the women will ever receive. This cash allows them to send their children to school and to purchase school supplies as well as food and medicine. The butter itself is very high in pro-vitamin A and vitamin E. It is very soft, thus easy to spread from head to toe. The butter is not only good for vanishing dry skin, it is also good for stretch marks, lips, wrinkles, hands, feet, crow's feet and conditioning hair as well. 

In stark contrast, despite claims of fair trade, the butter produced in West Africa is neither fair, nor hygienic. In West Africa women must collect nuts, separate them from the fruit, break open their hard shells, decort the nuts, dry the nuts, roast them, and manually crush them into powder, before.... walk for miles to collect fire wood and water, drag the fire wood and water to the production site, boil the nuts for several hours, use their arms as human blenders for several hours to get the butter to separate from the nut paste, strain the nut paste, fry the nut paste for several hours to get the water to evaporate, strain the butter, and then fill into containers to cool. Often time this butter is shipped to Europe where it is put under extreme conditions to deodorize and bleach it. This white butter, often times listed as certified organic, is found in most shea butter products today. Some of West African shea butters actually have Fair Trade certification believe it or not. If one can purchase West African shea butter in the market for $1-$2 a lb. from middle men, then how much would the women be getting for their butter? Women in Morocco go through a similar process to make argan oil, although they do not boil it. However, women in Morocco make about 15-20 times more making argan oil by hand than the women in West Africa make for their shea butter

Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter is the natural choice of shea butter for those looking for high quality shea butter produced under hygienic conditions. The Ugandan owned mill that press the butter is food grade. Shea Niloitk' Shea Butter is actually food grade shea butter in its raw state from the mill. The butter never goes to Europe for refining, yet does not have a strong, undesirable odor. Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter can be used all over the body and hair and is even safe for babies and animals. 

*Our products are made with natural and organic ingredients to treat your hair and skin well. However, keep in mind that results may vary!

Contains only: 100% pure, USDA certified organic, cold pressed, virgin Shea Nilotik' Shea Butter, black frankincense essential oil
Massage into skin. Don't forget hands, feet and elbows. Use on stretch marks. 

Customer Reviews

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Ursula R.
I have used both West

I have used both West and East African shea butters on my skin going on 15 years. I continue to use them because simply put, they WORK. And yes, I have given many, many other skin care brands and products a very fair chance to do the same thing, but I keep coming back to & using this brand. I'm 54 years old and my skin, head to toe, has never looked better!

Jennifer U.
This product left my skin

This product left my skin feelIng fantastic after showers.

Nicole C.
Nourishes Hair

I use this daily on my hair. I apply a little after shower and when hair dries I reapply and comb through. This replaces all my styling products. None more are needed. My son uses Shea Butter on his forehead which tends to be a dry area.

Steve C.
Dakara Frankincense Nilotik Shea Butter

SheaTerra Nilotik shea butter has been my go to fo over five years and my hands/fingers would have a hard time surviving winter without it. The Dakara Frankincense is new to me and its not overwhelming, especially after applying to your skin.

Khadijah A.

This is a very comforting Shea butter because of the frankincense. It’s very calming to the body and smells very nice