African Essential Oils

Have you ever noticed that certain scents can have an impact on more than just your sense of smell? Maybe you have a lavender or chamomile lotion you put on at night to relax and soothe away the stresses of the day. Or perhaps you have a citrus-scented body spray to help you feel refreshed and revitalized. Whatever the case, scents can have a much deeper impact than just smelling nice. This is where African essential oils come in! Essential oils can be a wonderful, natural means of boosting your energy, soothing aches or finding some extra calm. At Shea Terra Organics, our certified organic African essential oils are designed to blend together, add to skincare products, or even add to food for a myriad of different benefits.

African Essential Oils Benefits

As with all of our products, the Shea Terra Organics team takes the time to source organic and natural ingredients so every product can provide you with the best benefits possible—no fillers or additives here! This is the case with African essential oils too, of course. If you’ve ever tried aromatherapy before, you know that essential oils can have a wide variety of different benefits based on how you choose to use them. Aromatherapy can contribute to your psychological or physical well being.  South African Lavender Maillette essential oil will provide a calming, soothing scent all on its own, but can be mixed in with coconut oil or your favorite shea butter moisturizer for a more lasting scent. Or, if you have digestive issues, try adding a few drops of our essential oil to your bath or a room diffuser for a rejuvenating way to calm an upset stomach. Discover our African Essential Oils and the ways in which they can contribute to your well-being below!

South African Essential Oils

South African Lavender Abrialis Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

This 100% pure South African Lavender Essential Oil will is calming and can reduce stress, anxiety, and mild pain. You can place a couple of drops on your wrists, neck, or temples to help you relax and destress. If you have trouble sleeping, placing a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in your humidifier can help you get a good night’s sleep due to its super soothing properties.

South African Tea Tree Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

Applying Tea Tree Oil on minor cuts, sores, mosquito bites or burns may soothe inflammation and pain. Tea Tree Oil can detoxify, disinfect put a couple of drops into your humidifier or diffuser in order to give your immune system a boost, reduce anxiety, and relieve nasal congestion.

Dakara Frankincense Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

Frankincense has astringent and cytophylactic properties that can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and even skin tone. It has been used for centuries for healing cuts and scrapes and for its anti-aging properties since Frankincense stimulates the growth of new cells.

Add a couple of drops of this Dakara Frankincense in your humidifier or diffuser to help clear the nasal passageway and relieve congestion. Frankincense has wooden tones with a hint of sweetness that can boost your mood and take away stress and anxiety.

African Oils For Hair

South African Rosemary Verbenone Essential Oil (Certified Organic)

When placed on the scalp, Rosemary Essential Oil can stimulate and enhance hair growth as well as add luster and shine to dull, dry hair. Adding Rosemary Essential Oil into your natural hair care regime is simply a must, for it may also prevent your hair from turning gray and can regulate the natural oils of the scalp in order to prevent dandruff. Apply a couple of drops of this South African Rosemary Essential Oil on itchy scalp and get a fresh tingly feel on your head!

Natural Scents for Natural Products

At Shea Terra, we strive to keep our products as natural and filler-free as possible. Instead of chemically-based scents, many of our natural shea butter products will be scented with our African essential oils. Create your own blends and experience the benefits yourself. Shop our essential oils list online today!

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