Rose Water Witch Hazel Facial Toner (alcohol-free)

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Super Natural Formula! Made with 100% certified organic Moroccan rose water, the purest witch hazel water and anti-bacterial tea tree essential oil. Our world famous toner gently and effectively clears pores, tightens skin and gets rid of debris without drying alcohol. Forget toners made with synthetic rose, Rose Water Witch Hazel Face Toner is gentle on skin yet effective without chemicals. Good for aging and young skin alike. Perfect for sensitive skin, acne prone, and rosacea skin types. Scroll down to discover more.

Size: 4 oz. 

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What would you do for velvety smooth, succulent skin? How about rose petal soft, blemish free skin? Your wish is our command. Take your skin on an exotic journey to the Valley of Roses in Morocco to pamper your skin like the princess you are. Only once a year does the valley bloom into a rose garden wafting with the aroma of the most fragrant roses in the world. Each pink blossom is carefully hand picked and delivered to the women's community still for extraction of precious rose water. This edible water is sipped in tea or made into decadent sweets, but we savor it for its anti-aging, soothing and hydrating properties. We combine this delicate water with a highly concentrated, alcohol-free witch hazel distillate, the best America has to offer. Medically witch hazel is prescribed for its anti-inflammatory and purifying properties. It helps to tone the skin while cleansing impurities. Organic tea tree essential oil helps to eradicate bacteria causing blemishes.

Caution: Shea Terra made one of the original rose water toners, loved by thousands. There are many variations on the market. Despite claims of being natural, we have found that many of them are using synthetic fragrance instead of genuine rose water. Buyer beware. 

Apply to an organic cotton ball. Work toner into skin. Repeat daily. 
Contains only: 100% pure, USDA Certified Organic, Moroccan rose water, pure, concentrated witch hazel distillate, Certified Organic tea tree essential oil
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

This toner is is a great way to freshen up your skin while removing traces of makeup. It leaves your face clean without any dryness. I love the pure ingredients in this product.

Saundra B.

This is a very good toner, I love the way it makes my face feels after washing.

Julie L.
Great product!

My skin really benefitted from this toner! It dries quickly and my skin felt great afterwards. I have gone back to the regular rose toner because product seems to clog my sprayer.

Jocelyn W.

When I spray this on my face I let it air dry. My face is not dry out. My pores appears smaller.

Soha G.
I don’t really smell the

I don’t really smell the rose that strong but it does the job for a great witch hazel pores tightening.

Kendra M.

This all natural toner removes traces of dirt and does not leave my skin feeling stripped. Love the smell of this product. Natural ingredients are my go to for skin care. This fits the description.

this is a great go

this is a great go to for even spraying on cotton ball and removing make up on my skin in lieu of having time to wash face some nights...

Sharese T.
I love the way it

I love the way it makes my face feel:heart_eyes:

Amandy P.

Love this toner! Cleans and Brightens up my skin!

Shannon O.