Is Your Face Hungry? Shea Terra Winter Haves.

Is Your Face Hungry? Shea Terra Winter Haves.

As the winter winds blow, our skin often sends out an SOS, craving nourishment and care. Thankfully, Shea Terra's organic skincare lineup, infused with the potent Egyptian Black Seed Oil, offers a haven for your skin. Let's dive into these winter essentials.

Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo

Kick start your hair care routine with Egyptian Black Seed & Henna Natural Shampoo. A godsend for those battling dandruff and dry scalp, this 100% supernatural shampoo is a chemical-free choice. Brimming with organic black seed oil and Nile-grown henna, it strengthens hair while watercress oil and sidr leaf reinforce hair strands, making them resilient. A delightful escape from ordinary shampoos, this product cleanses and fortifies your hair.

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Egyptian Black Seed Oil 3.38 oz.

Shea Terra's Egyptian Black Seed Oil, once featured on Dr. Oz, is miraculous. Cold-pressed from fresh seeds, this oil boasts a light taste and low peroxide levels. Be wary of exaggerated claims elsewhere; our oil's authenticity is backed by lab tests, showing a .45% thymoquinone (TQ) level, aligning with the most potent black seed oils. This oil has stood the test of time, ideal for a range of issues from dry skin to immune disorders. Its combination with nilotika shea butter offers unparalleled hydration, and soothing eczema, psoriasis, and rash-prone skin while creating a protective layer.

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100% Pure Ethiopian Black Seed Oil 8 oz.

Steeped in history, the Ethiopian Black Seed Oil was a staple for ancient Ethiopians. Known as a panacea, it was revered for enhancing vitality and treating various skin conditions. This oil applied warmly, alleviates eye styes, enhances skin moisture and elasticity, and treats eczema, burns, and rashes. Its internal benefits are equally impressive, boosting immunity, easing asthma symptoms, stimulating hair growth, and improving skin tone.

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Why Choose Shea Terra’s ‘Winter Must Haves’?

Each of these products, anchored by the miraculous Egyptian Black Seed Oil, represents the pinnacle of organic skincare. Shea Terra's commitment to natural, effective solutions is evident in every bottle. Embrace these winter essentials and give your skin the nourishment it craves. Remember, your skin's hunger for care doesn't take a winter break. Feed it with the best from Shea Terra.

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